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Strawberries are one of the most popular edible plants to have in the garden. And it’s not hard to work out why. They’re tasty of course. But they have a couple of other great factors going for them.

The delicious combination of strawberries and ice cream may be hard to picture right now as we wrap up warm and go into hibernation mode, but don’t forget the cold and damp won’t last forever.

Got a strawberry patch? June to August is the time to divide your plants and remove the runners.

I say it every year – it’s crazy to be thinking about summer strawberries in the middle of winter. But if you want to stun the rellies with homegrown juicy sensations this Christmas, then you need to plant now (June/July).

Are you tired of the endless attempts to persuade your children to eat fruit?

Are you looking for a healthy snack that is almost guaranteed to appeal to the kids – and the whole family?  And that will be very affordable?

Why not enlist your children’s help in the garden and plant strawberries for the summer.

It might seem ridiculous to be thinking about Christmas already, but if you want the freshest, juiciest homegrown strawberries this coming festive season, it’s time to start planning.

Awapuni gardening guru, Tod Palenski, says in most parts of the country you can start planting strawberries from June, but if you’re in the cooler southern regions, you may need to wait until August.

It’s the middle of winter and summer couldn’t feel any further away.  If you’re tired of paying marked-up prices for fruit every Christmas, now is the time to get planting.

Whether your garden is big or small, inner city or the back of beyond, you will have no problem growing strawberries. They will grow just about anywhere from raised gardens and pots to window boxes and hanging baskets – just as long as they have some sun!

At this time of year Christmas couldn’t feel further away. In fact it feels like forever. And that’s how long strawberries take to grow … forever. I’m not going to glam this up ladies and gents - it’s cold and the soil appears to have frost bite, but if you want those bountiful strawberries come Christmas you need to harden up and head outdoors.

Strawberries grow just about anywhere - your garden bed, old containers, or even in a cut off bit of drain pipe. As long as they can see the sun, and your garden or pot is well drained, you can expect an abundant mass of fruit.