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I’m a big fan of plants that do more than one thing. For example, fragrant sweet peas are great for cut flowers and have a fantastic scent too.

In my humble opinion, thyme is a must have for any herb garden.

Pick a handful of lavender and thyme and tie in small bunches by the stems. Leave them in a dark, but ventilated space (wardrobes or closets are good) for three to four weeks to dry.

With summer comes wearing less and drinking more. Crickets are out in force (not just the insect variety!) and people are vacating crowded urban areas in search of a slice of summer serenity. Whether it’s at the bach, crib or camp ground, Kiwis love nothing more than kicking back and entertaining family and friends. What better way to do so than with cocktails (or mocktails) and nibbles on hand?

Spearmint, rosemary, thyme and basil sounds more like the flavouring of a Sunday roast than a summer cocktail but don’t be fooled. Fresh herbs can add that ‘knockout’ factor to many drinks.

Did you know lavender can help in the treatment of dandruff? Or that thyme is said to help cure that dreaded ‘one too many’ hangover? Herbs can do so much more than just flavour stews and roasted vegetables. They can be used in everything from scented candles and pot pourri, to sleep accessories and skin relief remedies.

Lavender and thyme are two versatile herbs that not only make a great addition to any garden but are also handy to keep in the medicine cabinet or top drawer at home.  So this month we’re going to focus on planting herbs to use in homemade soap.