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Gardening A-Z

Every month I write a gardening article on a couple of plants. I typically try and come up with some kind of unique angle or theme to get things going. But this month I’m just going to get to the point. Chives, coriander and rocket are really handy (and tasty!) plants to have in the garden.

They say variety is the spice of life. And when it comes to herbs I couldn’t agree more. If I need to add to my herb garden I always grab an Awapuni mixed herb bundle. This way I get one each of several types of herbs, rather than several seedlings of one type of herb. Make sense?

I often say less is more when it comes to herbs. But the plants themselves don’t always heed my advice, growing at rates of knots and producing more stems than I can cook dishes to flavour-enhance.

The great thing about herbs is that you can plant them all year round.