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Sweet peas would have to be one of my favourite plants to have in the garden. They are super simple to grow. They smell fantastic – if you plant the scented variety. They look amazing. And they make great cut flowers. In my opinion, you really can’t go wrong by planting sweet peas.

My wife loves to receive flowers. I’m sure many women, and many a man, do too. They brighten up a home, add colour and look pretty. But regularly purchasing flowers is a luxury not everyone can afford. That’s why I’m a big fan of planting your own.

Sweet peas are one of my favourite flowers. As long as you plant them around spring in a sunny, well-drained spot they will provide fantastic colour and height to any garden.

Put some romance back in your garden with traditional spring favourites

Romance is back. As the new spring/summer season heralds the return of pretty, vintage florals in both fashion and interiors, gardens are set to get the shabby-chic treatment too, with romantic spring flowers taking centre stage.

“Gardening trends often mirror what’s happening in the fashion world,” says Awapuni gardening guru Tod Palenski. “And this spring we’ll see a return of more traditional flowers, like your grandmother may have had.”