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Only just under two months until winter is officially here. Which means if you haven’t got your winter vegetables in the ground yet, you need to get moving. Plant them while the soil is still warm and they’ll get the kick start they need. Plant them when the soil is already cool and you might be eating them in spring!

It seems crazy to even be thinking about it, let alone publically announce my thoughts on the subject, but April is the time to plant…wait for it…winter veges.

April 2011

This is the time of the year when my head screams “oh no, summer is actually over,” while my tummy says “wahoo, winter veges are just around the corner.”

As the weather gets cooler, I’ve noticed comfort food is creeping back onto our family menu.

Being prepared for those winter days when bad weather keeps everyone inside and hungry is essential. The key to any good comfort food, whether it be stew, pie or quiche, is in the brassica. So this month we’re going to get back to basics and plant broccoli, plus, we’ll give you a great self-crusting smoked chicken, kumara and broccoli quiche recipe – easy to make and a definite crowd pleaser with family and friends.