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In the past when I’ve written about lavender, I’ve tended to focus on French lavender, otherwise known as denata. This type of lavender is great for hedging and perfect for shaping into standards (basically, big balls of leaves and flowers on stick-like trunks).

Keen to up the ante with your lavender? Why not plant it as a standard in a pot? Standard plants, otherwise known as 'balls on sticks', are not hard to train and make great container plants. They are usually expensive to buy, but it’s very easy to create your own.

Looking for a scented, flowering plant to create a hedge around your garden? Planning on planting in a sunny, well-drained area? Well, do I have the plant for you?!

Did you know lavender can help in the treatment of dandruff? Or that thyme is said to help cure that dreaded ‘one too many’ hangover? Herbs can do so much more than just flavour stews and roasted vegetables. They can be used in everything from scented candles and pot pourri, to sleep accessories and skin relief remedies.