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Bryan is a regular customer of Awapuni and a regular grower of leeks. He jokingly sent us a picture of him and one of his leeks saying it was a contender for World's Biggest Leek.

Luckily, Bryan is happy to share his knowledge and experience. Here are his top tips for growing contenders for World's Biggest Leek. Please note, while Bryan starts the process in November, you can plant leeks any time that we have them available online which is usually around October to June.

  1. I start preparing the ground around November making sure that the ground is moist. Because the leeks stay in the ground so long I am still harvesting leeks up until October. I break the usual rules of planting in the same spot each year.
  2. I dig a trench a spade width and at least a spade depth or maybe more.
  3. I put a good layer of my organic compost in the trench with some garden fertiliser and work it in.
  4. I usually check with Pack'n Save Mill Street here in Hamilton to check that they have your leeks in stock.
  5. When the weather looks favourable I now plant the leeks firmly in the bottom of the trench, always with a garden line.
  6. I always get some suitable tree cuttings to protect from the sun. I then water well, checking that there is sufficient moisture around the plants.
  7. Only when I can see that the leeks are looking strong I remove the cuttings
  8. Getting the plants through the dry summer is a mission, so I water at least every second day.
  9. As the plants grow I will bring down the soil from around the trench keeping the soil around the plants well worked up and free of weeds.

Lastly, if after reading Bryan's top tips for bigger, better leeks you're still thirsting for more information on leeks, you can check out Tod's top tips for growing leeks here.

It’s probably a stretch to say leeks are lifesavers. But did you know they’re jammed packed full of prebiotics – the carbohydrates needed to feed the probiotic bacteria that helps keep our intestines healthy? Up until not too long ago, I didn’t know this either.

Leeks aren’t the most immediately likeable of vegetables. They’re a little bit high maintenance when it comes to growing and they’re not quite as easy as carrots or potatoes on maturing tastebuds.

As a national emblem of Wales, the humble leek can be a bit of a dragon in your vege patch! Some people seem to have the knack at taming them, while others are left baffled at the sight of shriveled spring onions where their leeks ought to be.

Do your leeks look like shriveled spring onions? Do their leaves look droopy and dried-up? Are you sick of hearing about your neighbour’s legendary leeks and how hardy and easy to plant they are?

Well, let me tell you a little secret.

For every person harvesting a bumper crop, there is another tearing their hair out over a stunted succession of shriveled leeks. The secret is simple. A little love goes a long way for luscious leeks.