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If stews, pies and soups make you think of winter. Then surely salads are a symbol of summer. And while there are plenty of vegetables like carrots, beans and beetroot that make great salads, lettuce would have to be my favourite salad ingredient.

Growing up we ate a lot of iceberg lettuce in our household. I don’t know about you, but we didn’t know all these other types of lettuces that are now available even existed.

Mates, companions, pals or friends. Whatever you call it – marigolds, tomatoes, and lettuces like to hang in the same circles.

Mesclun lettuce mix is a blend of small lead lettuces which allows you to grow your own gourmet salad leaves.

If you have been putting extra hours into the garden over summer, you may be feeling it in your back.

Awapuni gardening guru, Tod Palenski, says there are lots of ways to make gardening easier on the joints and less time consuming.

Are you stuck in a cooking rut? Do you find yourself cooking the same meals week-in and week-out? If this sounds familiar then you need a culinary vacation! “Lettuce” take you on a tastebud trip to Asia with oriental-inspired wraps.

In an attempt to revive your weekly meal plan, I’ll give you some tips on how to plant lettuce and use it as an alternative to pita pockets for a spicy Asian-style dish.

Everyone I know struggles to get their kids to eat healthily, and battles constant demands for sugary roll-ups and potato chips.  Then there’s entertaining them during the school holidays.  Getting the little monsters away from video games and moving them outdoors seems like mission impossible at the best of times.