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Yes, I know we like to harp on about must-have vegetables and herbs here at Awapuni. The problem is, once you start growing and enjoying home-grown food, the list of must-haves seems to grow too. But I really do think onions are at the top of that list and should be grown in every vegetable garden.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – onions are a must have for any vege garden. The number of dishes that require, or taste better with, onions is never-ending. So, it just makes sense to have this staple growing in your garden too.

How many savoury recipes can you think of that don’t call for onions? Stir fries, casseroles, quiches, pasta sauces – let’s face it; they all taste better with this very natural flavour enhancer.

Plan ahead: that's always been my motto.

In the lead up to an election there’s always plenty of talk about what hits the average Kiwi hardest in the pocket.

At the moment (August) that seems to be the rising cost of staple foods, including fruit and veges.

Onions are a staple ingredient in my kitchen. My bean spectacular – as I like to call it, but otherwise known as Chilli Con Carne – lacks flavour and fullness without them. Can you tell I’ve been watching the cooking channel lately?

Spring is on the way! Warmer weather will be here before we know it and salads will begin to replace winter’s comfort food.

So this month’s article will focus on growing, and making a delicious Thai style salad using pak choi, onions and carrots.  All three vegetables are easy to plant and maintain – perfect for those with little time but who enjoy eating homegrown food.