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Pansies are the perfect plant for just about any garden. They’re hardy and easy to grow. They’ll survive wind, rain and even frosts. And just as importantly, they’re stunning and striking – with a colour and pattern for just about any style of garden. In fact, at the time of writing this we have 19 different varieties of pansy available at

I’m going to start by being perfectly honest with you: pansies are not cool. They’re not en vogue, and they’re certainly not on trend. They don’t fit in with Pacifica landscapes, Zen-inspired gardens or clean cut, contemporary back yards.  

I’ve said it before, but hanging baskets really are the garden for anyone.

There is not enough sunlight...

Romance is back. As the new spring/summer season heralds the return of pretty, vintage florals in both fashion and interiors, gardens are set to get the shabby-chic treatment too, with romantic spring flowers taking centre stage.

“Gardening trends often mirror what’s happening in the fashion world,” says Awapuni gardening guru Tod Palenski. “And this spring we’ll see a return of more traditional flowers, like your grandmother may have had.”

If your garden doesn’t get a lot of sun, there’s no need to forego colour, variety and interest. Just choose plants that thrive in the shade.

Once the domain of retired folk and pre-schoolers, crafts are officially cool again. Knitting, screen printing and cake decorating are now popular pastimes for a vast range of people. To get your own creative juices flowing, head out into your garden – the humble pansy is perfect for a variety of crafty projects.

Pansies are popular bedding plants because they’re easy to grow and add great bursts of colour to winter gardens, says Awapuni gardening guru, Tod Palenski.