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Po-tay-to, po-tahh-to – however you say it, now’s the time to plant one of New Zealand’s favourite vege. So get outdoors and gear up for spuds this summer.

You can start by purchasing seed potatoes from your local garden centre. Seed potatoes look like any other spud (but smaller!) and can be bought in various flavours and quantities.

I have tried potato growing in an old compost bin but last year it didn't do well.  There are shoots in there this year though.  Should I empty the bin and start again or just leave them to grow in the top of the bin?

We’re all guilty of over-indulging at Christmas, whether it’s alcohol, food or spoiling the kids with mountains of presents.

But by getting the kids involved in growing their own vegetables for Christmas dinner you might just get them looking forward to something other than presents - and eating something other than sweets.