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For every order made from now until the end of February, Awapuni Nurseries will throw in one free bundle of Traditional Value Spinach, containing at least 9 plants.

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Summer watering

Here are some helpful hints on how to keep your garden hydrated during the warmer months.
The best time to water your garden is either early in the morning or in the evening when the temperate is cooler. The water will soak into the soil easier and not dry out as fast.
Check the moisture before you start watering. If the soil is still moist 10 cm below the surface you don’t have to water.
Watering by hand or irrigation system is much more efficient than sprinklers.
When watering, aim at the roots, your plants will be able to absorb the water better which will encourage deeper root growth. Be careful you don’t over water as it can rot your plants.
For extra moisture, add water storage crystals to your garden. You can get these at most garden centres.



Summer Gardening Made Easy
If you have been putting in extra hours in the garden over summer, you may be feeling it in your back.
Awapuni gardening guru, Tod Palenski, says there are lots of ways to make gardening easier on the joints and less time consuming.
"If you find you can no longer spend hours in the garden, try planting low-maintenance plants,” Tod says.
“Awapuni’s Pop‘n’Grow range has a wide range of easy to grow plants that are easy to look after and great for filling in those bare patches around your garden.”
Tod recommends lobelia and impatiens for quick and easy summer blooms.
“By filling in gaps you will suppress the weeds, which means less time in the garden for you. As lobelia and impatiens only require basic care, your garden will be a breeze to look after.”
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Gardening in February

February is often one of the hottest months so the biggest thing you need to worry about is your garden drying out.
This can be a problem especially if there are water restrictions in your area.
Mulching will help by providing a layer of moisture and protects soil from the sun. Think of it as a sunscreen for your garden.
Now is the time to start thinking about preparing to plant your winter vegetables. Awapuni’s Pop ‘n’ Grow range has great vegetable seedling mixes that will provide you with great tasting brassicas come winter.
Is your herb garden looking a little bare? Top it up with rocket, thyme, parsley and coriander. They work well planted either in the garden or in pots.
Watch out for slugs and snails. If you find your plants are being munched, try Tod’s organic bug repellent.
Just mix one tablespoon of cayenne pepper and six cloves of garlic with one litre of water - leave in direct sunlight for two days then spray on your plants. Works a treat!
Lobelia, with its small but numerous flowers, provides a colourful coverage and its bushy shape suits most garden types. Impatiens have thick, dark foliage and traditional looking flowers.
“They’re perfect for cheering up a tired looking garden and will bloom for the rest of summer, with very little effort.”
For a green, leafy alternative Tod says you can’t go past lettuce.

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