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For every order made from now until the end of July, Awapuni Nurseries will throw in a free Traditional Value flower ‘hanging basket mix’ containing nine plants.

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July is a good time to…

Don’t let the winter weather keep you from heading out in the garden this month. Don a wooly hat, scarf and gloves as July is a great time to start harvesting one of your winter favourites. Leeks that have been planted in January should be ready for picking if you’re happy with their size. Broccoli, broad beans and pac choi can be planted at this time of year. Remember to rotate your crops to avoid club root. Add compost to the soil and dress with lime before you plant. Enjoy!

Kreative Kids
With school holidays fast approaching, now is the perfect time to be thinking about activities to keep the little ones busy. In a previous article we discussed pot painting. Why not get the kids involved these school holidays and paint some pots or an old drain pipe for your strawberries to grow in? All you need is a paint brush and paint that won’t wash off – Dad’s old test pots should do the trick!

In the news

Gardening was the topic on everyone’s lips after TV One show ‘Sunday’ broadcast a gardening feature on June 28th. The show focused on many aspects of gardening from therapeutic/calming effects to economic advantages. There has been an approximate 30% sales increase at gardening centres and nurseries throughout New Zealand, highlighting how gardening has really boomed in the recession.
Gardening power part one
Gardening power part two


JULY 2009

Thank you to all those who entered last month’s Cultivated News competition.

We loved your ideas so much that we have decided to incorporate some of them into this month’s ezine! A big thank you to Linda Hammond, who suggested we have an area where questions can be answered, and also to those of you who wanted practical, seasonal advice. From now on the ezine will feature a burning questions section and over the next few months we will try to incorporate everyone’s feedback. But don’t stop there, if you think of something you want to hear about just email Henri at Awapuni and we’ll see what we can do.

Congratulations to Julie Pink of Levin, Melissa Kala of Christchurch, Linda Hammond of Bulls, Mary-Ann Attree of Birkenhead and Kathie Tanner of Tauranga who have all won a Traditional Value prize pack containing five bundles of vege, flower and herb seedlings.

Plant now and save later

It’s the middle of winter and summer couldn’t feel any further away. If you’re tired of paying marked-up prices for fruit every Christmas, now is the time to get planting.

Whether your garden is big or small, inner city or the back of beyond, you will have no problem growing strawberries. They will grow just about anywhere from raised gardens and pots to window boxes and hanging baskets – just as long as they have some sun!

And if you have children, get them involved! It’s a great way to keep your kids active … and I promise, if they’re anything like my kids, they’ll love eating the results! Click here to read more.
Tod Palenski – Awapuni Nurseries

Burning questions

Do you have a burning question on vegetable gardens? Have you been wondering what the white spots on your rose leaves are? Would you like to know how to make compost?

Well... we have all the answers for you. Tod Palenski, Awapuni's gardening guru, has over 20 years experience in the gardening industry and is more than happy to answer any of your garden related questions. Feel free to email it directly to Tod at Tod will then post the answer on Awapuni’s website in the ‘Better Gardens’ section.

Here are two of our latest questions and answers:

What fertiliser should I use for strawberries, and how should I apply it?
Use garden galore when you plant and then pot ash as the fruits form. Or, you can purchase strawberry fertiliser from a garden centre and simply follow the instructions.

How do I stop snails and slugs eating my plants?
In the winter stockpile all those wood fire ashes into clean paper sacks. Sprinkle them around the border of your garden or around individual plants. Reapply after rain.
Any soft bodied mollusc will not crossover this as it will dry out and burn them. Or try crushed egg shells that have been baked in the oven till dry and crisp – these are too sharp to cross over. Or lastly, simply sprinkle some Measural slug and snail bait.

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