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For every order made from now until the end of June, Awapuni Nurseries will throw in a free bundle of traditional value broccoli, containing nine plants per bundle.
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Weíve been sending out our Cultivated News Ezine for just over two years now. We like to think itís been pretty successful, and feedback has shown you guys agree. But weíre always looking for ways to improve. So this month weíre asking you to tell us what you want to see in your Cultivated News. Do you want more practical, how-to advice? Do you want more kids gardening activities? What is it you want to read? Email your feedback, name, address and phone number and youíll go in the draw to win one of five Traditional Value prize packs. Each pack has five bundles of vege, flower and herb seedlings in it. Winners will be drawn on 26 June and prizes dispatched in the first week of July.


JUNE 2009

Cheap and easy gardening for the time-poor

Every winter it feels like I have less and less time to get basic house-hold chores done. If my wife and I arenít dropping our kids off at school, weíre watching their sports games, cooking meals or repairing the house. I garden for a living, but even I find it hard to get time in our back yard as the weather gets colder.
So this monthís article is for all our time-poor readers out there! Plus, because I know times are a bit tough at the moment Iím going to focus on a couple of cheap and easy-to-plant vegetables which are also a great compliment to any meal.
And, if youíre worrying that you donít have the space for veges, stop worrying. Garlic, spring onions and beet can be planted just about anywhere and are three of the most straightforward plants to grow. Click here to read more.

Tod Palenski Ė Awapuni Nurseries

June is a good time toÖ

From Northland to the deep south, June can be a pretty wet month. So itís the perfect time to fertilise your garden and your lawns to ensure good growth in spring.
Get down to your local garden centre and stock up on nitrophoska blue fertiliser. Nitrophoska blue has a great balance of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium which is good for just about anything you might decide to plant.
The other advantage to using nitrophoska blue at this time of the year is it is moisture controlled. This means once it gets a bit of rain it will release its goodness into the soil. Unlike organic fertilisers such as blood and bone which are temperature controlled and need warm soil to work.
All you have to do is follow the instructions on the pack and get fertilising!
Lastly, if your soil is wet and hard, or your lawn isnít drying out, try adding some Gypsum. Gypsum is a great source of calcium which helps to break the soil down and encourage free-draining.
Fertilise now and youíll reap the benefits come spring!

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