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Dunedin’s Botanical Garden has earned a ranking as a “garden of international significance".

The Dunedin garden, which proved to be the most popular choice in a residents' survey released last month, is the second garden in the South Island to achieve the international ranking (Larnach castle was the first).

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Burning questions

My polyanthus has grey mould. What should I do?

Remove the infected piece of the plant and avoid overhead watering.

How do I stop snails and slugs demolishing my vege garden?

Try using beer bait. It's organic, it’s easy to set up and it works! Click here for step–by-step instructions on how to rid your vege garden of slugs – and some great images of the results!

Beer bait for slugs

August is a good time to...

Plant fruit trees! If the winter weather is getting you down and all you can think of is a holiday escape somewhere tropical – why not recreate that tropical feel by planting dwarf fruit trees.

Click here to find out how to plant fruit trees and more importantly, how to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Garden this winter for sensational results this spring

Hey you! Yes, you. Person who should be in the garden but who can’t be bothered because it’s too cold. You know who I mean. Well if you want an exquisite garden come spring, you better get off the couch and head outside. Now!

Winter gardening is all about preparing your soil for the coming months and ensuring it’s in tip-top condition for planting your spring and summer vegetables.

And part of that is taking care of your winter crops. So if you planted veges during autumn or approximately four months ago, now is the time to harvest them all.

From broccoli, cauliflower and leeks, to parsnip, celery and silverbeet - head outdoors and harvest your matured veges for use in your favourite soups, casseroles and quiches. After all, winter hasn’t finished just yet, which means you’re still entitled
to an all expenses paid,
free-pass to comfort food.

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Tod Palenski – Awapuni Nurseries
Flower show comes up roses

The annual Hampton Court Palace Flower Show was held last month in West London at Hampton Court Palace. The show is similar to the Chelsea Flower Show but has more of a focus on environmental issues, growing your own and cookery.

Click here to see some of the award-winning gardens at this year’s Hampton Court Palace Flower Show including 360 degree virtual tours and how you can use some of the ideas at home.
Beneficial herbs for bees

The end of July marked Bee Week in New Zealand so we thought it would be fitting to give you some tips on how you can help our bee population.

Did you know that one third of all food we eat is directly attributed to bee pollination? Bees are very important to our gardens – without them the results to our economy and lifestyle would be disastrous.

Bees can no longer survive without human intervention and although beekeepers do their best to keep our bee populations thriving, there are a few things we can do to help out.

There are several plants that bees love and if every gardener planted the odd flower to attract bees, it would help our bees tremendously.

Bees are drawn to blue flowers, so make sure you plant plenty of this colour in your garden. Herbs also attract bees - lavender, oregano, thyme, bergamot, parsley and rosemary are a bee’s best friend.

By planting blue flowers and herbs you’re not only helping New Zealand’s bee population to strengthen and survive, you’re also helping your garden because plants and bees are beneficial to one another.
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