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For every order made from now until the end of March, Awapuni Nurseries will throw in a free Traditional Value Beetroot bundle. There are a minimum of nine plants per bundle.

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In the news…

While it’s important to be conscious of conserving water in the home it is equally important to conserve water in the garden. Landscaper Justin Newcombe gives Breakfast viewers hints on how to be environmentally-friendly gardeners including how to ensure your plants get the most out of watering, and why we should always water in the morning.

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Plant to Plate

Developed by the Awapuni Gardening Club, Plant to Plate is a programme designed to teach gardening and cooking skills to school children. The gardening-guru volunteers concentrate on sustainability, thrift and independence while giving practical gardening advice to children. The volunteers help the kids plan and plant their own school gardens, and the children are also encouraged to take seedlings home and grow their own vegetables with mum and dad.

This fantastic initiative also teaches kids to cook seasonal food and prepare menus based on what they plant and harvest. So far they’ve made everything from soups and scones, to fritters and even pumpkin ice-cream!

Here at Awapuni, we loved what Plant to Plate was doing so much we donated seedlings and compost to the programme and even had the club out for a tour around our nursery.

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Three Years of Cultivated News!

Happy birthday from Awapuni Nurseries! It’s three years since our first issue of Cultivated News back in March 2007. We’ve come a long way since then and we’ve loved ‘growing’ with you on the way. We hope you enjoy Cultivated News as much as we enjoy writing it and look forward to many more issues in the future. Keep sending us your great feedback and ideas. Without you, our readers, Cultivated News wouldn’t be what it is today.

So, to celebrate this great occasion, we’re giving away a Traditional Value pack to the first 10 readers to email Henri with “Happy Birthday!” in the subject line. Each pack has five bundles in it, made up of flower, herb and vege seedlings - more than enough to get any budding gardener started or to add to your already blooming garden.

Keep up the good gardening work!

Henri, Tod and the team at Awapuni Nurseries
Luscious leeks: a little love is all they need

Do your leeks look like shriveled spring onions? Do their leaves look droopy and dried-up?
Are you sick of hearing about your neighbour’s legendary leeks and how hardy and easy to plant they are?

Well, let me tell you a little secret.

For every person harvesting a bumper crop, there is another tearing their hair out over a stunted succession of shriveled leeks. The secret is simple. A little love goes a long way for luscious leeks.

They might be a little finicky but if you follow my three top tips and give them a bit of special attention, come May/June you’ll reap the rewards with succulent, mouth-watering leeks right out of your own garden. Plus, for all those wannabe Master Chefs, I’ve also included a recipe for braising leeks.

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Tod Palenski – Awapuni Nurseries
March is a good time to…

Fertilise! With summer almost over, now is a good time to prepare your plants for the looming autumn rains. Use a general fertiliser, such as nitrophoska blue, on your plants to ensure their best possible growth and to keep them going through the cooler months ahead.

Credit March is also a great time to plant beetroot.

Choose a well drained, sunny position in your garden. Beetroot is a great vegetable for filling in gaps, so have a look for spaces in between other veges in your garden.

To plant your beetroot seedlings dig a 3cm deep hole, place the seedling inside and cover with soil.

And because it’s our birthday, we decided to include some delicious beetroot birthday party recipes! For the kids, click here for a scrumptious (and secretly healthy) beetroot and chocolate birthday cake – a sneaky way to include a serve of vegetables...

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A leeky history

While the leek is often considered a ‘secondary’ vegetable, used in many dishes as an accompaniment to stronger flavours, it’s a vegetable with a rich history, and a number of surprising uses far beyond the kitchen.

Did you know that leeks have been used in the past as a cure for nose bleeds, sore throats, and even as an ingredient to improve your singing voice?

As well as having great antibacterial properties, leeks are low in fat and calories and are a good source of iron, vitamin B6, folate and fibre.
Beautiful bulbs

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From daffodils and tulips through to crocuses, hyacinths, irises and many special bulbs, there's a bulb to suit every garden.

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