April 2018

Nursery update

If you’re like me and you had a go at growing kūmara this year then it’s about time to harvest. I was a little bit impatient and wanted to see if there was anything underneath the soil and I scratched up this little beauty. It looks like there’s an absolute heap of beautiful kūmara going on in there. I hope yours is the same. We will be selling them again in September. If you want to be notified when they come back in stock click here. And for our guide to growing and harvesting go here.

Happy gardening,
Henri Ham

Win with Awapuni and Tui

We’re excited to have a fantastic winter vegetable gardening prize pack to give away. The lucky winner will receive six bundles of vegetable seedlings (all perfect for growing now) and a selection of super handy garden products from Tui (pictured with my little helper and grandson Oskar). To be in with a chance to win the prize in this picture head to our Facebook page before the 5th of April. Good luck!


Stunning snapdragons

Antirrhinum (commonly known as snapdragons) are fantastic for bringing colour to your garden in the months of late summer, autumn and into winter. As long as they’re grown in a sunny, well-drained spot they will thrive while the weather cools off. We have five different varieties of antirrhinum available at Awapuni at the moment. They come in a variety of colours and grow to various different heights.

Shop here for stunning snapdragon seedlings.


Perfect perpetual spinach

Did you know perpetual spinach isn’t even spinach? In fact, it’s actually related to silver beet and is sometimes also called ‘leaf beet’. Though if I had to describe how it tastes, I’d say it tastes similar to spinach but with a slightly milder, more bitter taste.

But the main reasons I think perpetual spinach is a perfect plant to have in the vegetable garden, are because it grows quickly, it doesn’t take up much space, it’s full of vitamins (like its namesake and relative) and it’s very easy care.

You can order your perpetual spinach seedlings from here. Or grab some of our newspaper wrapped seedling bundles next time you’re at your local supermarket, Bunnings or The Warehouse.

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Now’s the time to plant natives

For most of the 60 plus years we’ve been growing plants at Awapuni Nurseries, we’ve been growing herbs, vegetables and flowers. But a few years ago we started growing native New Zealand plants.

We partnered up with Groundtruth to develop a growing and planting system that would make regeneration of native forests easier and much more economical. And recently we’ve been getting native plant orders from regional councils wanting to convert their waste land back to forest.

Some of our native plants on those blocks of land are already above head height. It’s pretty exciting and great seeing the birds and bees come back to the area.

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Onion, onions, onions

Growing onions requires a little bit of patience. Red onions and Pukekohe Longkeeper onions will take around 20 to 24 weeks to grow. But, as with many things, home-grown always tastes the best. Visit here for our guide to planting onions. And go here to purchase your seedlings.


Grow coriander now

Now is a great time to grow coriander. Sometimes it has a tendency to bolt (go to seed) in the warmer weather of summer, but the cooler weather of autumn and winter means this is very unlikely to happen. And our coriander seedlings are looking fantastic at the moment. Click here for our tips on growing coriander. And go here to purchase seedlings.


Pumpkin scones

If you’ve already harvested your pumpkins here’s a delicious scone recipe that will make a change from soup. These scones freeze well and the recipe is dairy, egg and nut free. And if you haven’t harvested your pumpkins yet – here are our tips for harvesting. Starting to get an influx of feijoas? Here’s our feijoa cake recipe. Yum.


April is a good time to...

Keep on top of your leaves by raking them up so they don’t turn to sludge on drive ways and smoother ground cover plants. Add good leaves to your compost. Feed citrus trees. Get all your winter seedlings in the ground while the soil is still warm enough to give them a good kick start – if the soil is too cold they will take even longer to grow. Mulch around your seedlings. Prune shrubs.

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