March 2017

Burning question

Do I need to chill my bulbs before planting?

It's the age-old question, do I need to chill my bulbs or not? We put this question to Paul Hoek from NZ Bulbs who says only tulips and hyacinths require any chilling.

And, if your winter has at least five or six frosts you don’t even need to chill them before planting. Don’t start chilling till late March – too early and you will stunt the flower bud development. Chill the bulbs for four to eight weeks in a paper bag in the fridge – not the freezer! And try to keep fruit out of the fridge when you’re chilling bulbs as ripening fruit releases a gas called ethylene which can damage the developing flower bud in the bulb. For more details about chilling, check out this helpful fact sheet from NZ Bulbs.

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Super scented stocks

Now’s a great time to add some colour and scent to your garden by growing stocks. At Awapuni we have several different coloured stocks available to purchase.

The list includes lavender, pink, yellow, and white – all of which grow to around 25cm tall. We also stock (excuse the pun) tall stocks which grow to a height of 60-75cm.

Plant these sweetly scented flowers in full sun with moist well-drained soil amongst your garden borders, bedding and pots. And don’t forget stocks also make great flowers.

Order your stocks from our online store or visit here for tips on planting.

Interesting ice

Here’s a very pretty way to jazz up your ice cubes. Diana from Express-O said she tried this to get herself drinking more water. Whatever the reason, we think it looks lovely and must taste good too.

Have you ever tried this?

March is a good time to...

Plant leeks, spinach, beetroot broccoli, cauliflower and any other brassicas you want to enjoy during winter. Keep watering your plants, particularly your pumpkins.

Visit here for tips on how to know when to harvest them. And keep the colour in your garden going by planting viscaria, stocks, antirrhinum, polyanthus, cornflowers and anything else available from our online store

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Perennials coming soon

We like to try new things, so for the last two years we have been growing a few native plants and a few perennials which we have been selling at our shop at the nursery.

For our newbie gardeners, perennials are plants which can die down or go dormant at the end of the season but have a flush of new growth the following spring.

A lot of these perennials are the same as the ones we currently sell in our newspaper wrapped bundles (like delphiniums, foxglove, swan plants, lavenders, grasses, geraniums and more).

But we have been growing them on to a large size (with around 1.4 litres of potting mix in a PB2 bag) so they are established when planted in the garden.

We were just growing them for our shop at the nursery but I can see that they are very popular, so we are going to start selling them on our website soon so you can have them delivered straight to your door. It's a lot of fun to see these plants grow and very nice to see some of them flowering. We will keep you posted!

Happy gardening

Delightful nemophila

Vibrant verbena Nemophila is lovely annual that produces masses of tiny, pretty flowers. The individual flowers are small and delightful, but planted on mass nemophila looks stunning and striking.

The three varieties we stock at Awapuni include snow storm which has white flowers with fine pencil markings, black penny flowers are dark purple with white edges and blue chip flowers are blue with white centres. Blue chip grows to a height of 20cm and the other two to a height of 10cm. Try growing a mix of all three or just one variety to create a strong statement.

In addition to mass planting, they look lovely in pots, containers, borders, baskets and rock gardens. Each of our bundles comes with nine or more plants and can be ordered from our online shop. Remember, if you order six or more items to a non-rural address we’ll also deliver for free or for just $4 to a rural address.

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Beautiful blue nemophila

Here’s some grand inspiration for what you could achieve if you plant nemophila!

These photos are of the 4.5 million nemophila flowers that paint 3.5 hectares at Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan light blue every year around April to May.

Spoil your cats with catnip

If you like to spoil your cat or cats, you need catnip in your garden. This aromatic herb is like a drug to cats and they love it. They like to rub themselves upon it, wallow and tumble in it and feed on the branches and the leaves.

For those of you who aren’t a fan of cats this hardy perennial can still be a good herb to have in the garden. Catnip makes lovely borders or edging. It’s greyish leaves and white to pale pink or purple flowers make it a pretty plant.

But be wary of any neighbours with cats as they might take a liking to your plants and they don’t tend to be gentle with it.

Pick up some Awapuni catnip plants next time you're at your local supermarket, Bunnings or The Warehouse. Or order some direct to your door from our online shop.

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Spectacular spring bulbs

For spring flowering bulbs to brighten up your garden, you can't go past the wide range offered by NZ Bulbs. What sets NZ Bulbs apart from others is that they don't just sell spring bulbs, they grow spring bulbs, so they know bulbs. Located in Feilding, not far from us, NZ Bulbs has the widest range, best quality and latest releases of bulbs all available for ordering now.

From anemones to tulips, ranunculus to hyacinths, freesias to daffodils and more, NZ Bulbs is bound to have what you’re after. Visit their website and shop online or call them on 06 323 4516 to request a free mail order catalogue. And to celebrate 60 years of their family business growing bulbs, NZ Bulbs is giving away $50 worth of bulbs on their Facebook page to one lucky winner.

Visit the NZ Bulbs online shop to order your spring bulbs and don’t forget to head to their Facebook page today to be in with a chance to WIN bulbs.

Zucchini, eggplant, capsicum bake

Now is the time of year when ‘technically’ your veg garden should be producing at its best.

This recipe is delicious, easy to make and certainly meets the requirements of eating five veg in one day – though maybe not 10 fruit and veg in one day!

Check it out in the recipe section of our website.


Raising the bar

We’re big fans of raised vegetable gardens. They allow the soil to drain and stop it from getting wet. And they also make it easier to garden. In this article we give some tips for making a raised garden. For those of you who might not have the time for making your own, as we’ve mentioned previously, we’re big fans of the urbanmac kitsets. And for further inspiration, take a look at this list from Hative of over 30 raised gardens. Do you have a raised garden? Send us in a pic of yours and we'll select our favourite raised garden to win some Awapuni plants.


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