What's the difference between lavenders?

Depending on the time of year, we have several varieties of lavender seedlings and plants available to purchase.

Lady lavender (first pic) and the two bandera varieties pink (second pic) and purple (third pic) are all perfect for growing in pots as they only grow to around 20cm high. They will also grow well as edging or in low hedges.

The bandera lavenders (also known as Spanish lavender) produce flowers with beautiful flags (bracts) on top in their respective colours. 

Hidcote  (fourth pic) grows to around 35cm tall and, along with lady lavender, has a deep purple colouring. 

Munstead (fifth pic) grows a little taller at 50cm high and is often grown in borders or garden beds. 

French (dentata) (sixth pic) is the perfect lavender for creating a hedge as it grows to 100cm or more tall and can be trimmed easily with a hedge trimmer to make a uniformed-looking hedge. French has a similar flower to the bandera varieties but the colour is closest to munstead which we would describe as a ‘lavender’ purple.

They all produce a lovely lavender fragrance and all are loved by bees.

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