Caramalised leek risotto

It's sweet and nutty, but not overpowering. There aren't too many leek recipes out there, but this one is definitely a keeper.




Salt & pepper

Arborio rice

White wine

Chicken or vegetable stock


Firstly, cut off the dark green, leafy part of the leek - you won't be needing it in this recipe. Wash the stem throughly and cut it in half lengthways. Place the flat sides of the leek halves down on a chopping board and slice into 1cm thick half moon segments.

Over a medium heat, melt 2 tbps of butter in a pot and add your leeks. Stir every so often until brown. This should take approximately 20 minutes

Once your leeks are brown, add salt and pepper to taste and ¾ cup of arborio rice - you can pick this up from any local supermarket. Simmer and stir for two minutes to cover and coat your rice.

Next, add ¾ cup of white wine and continue to stir until the rice thickens and the majority of the liquid has evaporated.

You can now start to gradually add 3 cups of liquid chicken or vegetable stock. Continue to stir and add the stock as the rice thickens and the liquid evaporates.

Finally, once you've finished adding the stock and the rice has thickened but is still a tad al dente - you're dish is ready to serve.

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