Egg and vege pie

This is the perfect dish for using up any leftover, soon to go rotten, veges you have lying around.


3-4 large potatoes or flaky puff pastry

12 eggs

Bacon (optional)

Vegetables (any)





I like to use potato as the base but you can use flaky puff pastry instead if you want. Peel and thinly slice three to four large potatoes. I like to fry them with a little bit of oil, salt and pepper, some mixed herbs and garlic. But if you want, you could boil the potatoes instead and then thinly slice them.

Sautee one onion and some garlic. Then make a layer of potato in a large glass baking dish. Cover with onion and any other vegetables you have on hand (i.e. wilted spinach and/or silver beet, boiled kumara and pumpkin, leeks, tomatoes, broccoli, capsicums and the list goes on).

I add bacon to my dish, but just skip this step if you want to keep it entirely vege friendly.Cook several pieces of bacon and add a layer on top of the veges.

Then cover with grated cheese. Add another layer of potato and veges and cover again with bacon.

Mix together up to 12 eggs with half a cup of milk. Pour over the mixture and cover again with grated cheese.

Cook for approximately 40 minutes at 180 degrees celsius. Cover the top with a baking tray if it's starting to brown before it looks cooked.

I know my instructions sound a little a bit vague but that's what's so good about this recipe - anything goes! It's also perfect for storing in the fridge and re-heating for lunch the next day.

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