If you're looking for a one-stop shop meal for all of your homegrown veges, then look no further than ratatouille. This traditional French dish can be eaten as a main or a side, served straight away or frozen for later and is perfect for making use of all your tomato, basil, eggplant, beans, zucchini, peppers and more that are ready to be harvested.


Olive oil


Garlic cloves

Bay leaf



Red pepper



Basil leaves


Bring a large frying pan to a medium to low heat. Add 3 tbl oil, four peeled and sliced garlic cloves, one onion and one small bay leaf and stir.

Once the onion has softened add one small eggplant sliced into 1-2cm pieces (around three cups) and cook (stirring occasionally) for around eight minutes until the eggplant has also softened.

Next, add four chopped tomatoes (around one and a quarter cups), one small chopped zucchini, one thinnly sliced red pepper and salt and, stirring occasionally, cook over a medium heat for around five to seven minutes or until the vegetables are tender.

Lastly, stir in your basil and grind some pepper for taste.

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