Frequently Asked Questions - Organisers

If you would like to organise an Awapuni Nurseries fundraising drive, please read the Frequently Asked Questions below before contacting us to register your interest.

If you are a supporter of a fundraising drive, not an organiser, visit here for the frequently asked questions.

How much money can my school or organisation make by fundraising with Awapuni?

How much money you make will depend on how many people you get to purchase plants and garden products from Awapuni Nurseries during your fundraising period and using your unique fundraising code. Your organisation will get 20% of all sales (excluding delivery fees).

How much do the plants and garden products normally cost? Are they cheaper or more expensive for our supporters?

Your fundraising supporters will purchase Awapuni plants and garden products at exactly the same price as all our customers.

When is the best time to fundraise with Awapuni Nurseries?

The most popular time for ordering plants and gardening is during spring (September to December). If you only do one fundraising activity a year, we recommend you do it in this time frame when the weather is starting to warm up where you are.

Can we do a shorter or longer fundraising period than two weeks?


Can we pick the time to run the fundraising?

Yes you can pick any time of the year you would like to run your fundraising but it must be for a two week period.

Can we fundraise with Awapuni Nurseries more than once?

You can fundraise with Awapuni Nurseries a maximum of three time a year.

Will all the orders come to our organisation and do we need to distribute them to our supporters?

No. Unlike other fundraising initiatives, with Awapuni Nurseries fundraising each supporter who orders from Awapuni Nurseries will receive their individual order to the delivery address they include when they place their order. Once the unique code and information has been promoted to your supporters, there is nothing for you to do – just sit back and wait for it to finish and the money to be deposited in your bank account.

How will our supporters receive their orders?

Orders will be delivered via courier during our normal delivery time frames. Visit here for more information.

What will the delivery fees be?

Fundraising orders will incur the same delivery fees as regular orders. For more information on delivery fees – including how to qualify for free delivery, visit here

Will you give me information on how to promote it to our organisation supporters?

Yes, when we confirm your fundraiser with Awapuni Nurseries we will send you a PDF document to share with your supporters on how they can support the fundraiser.

Can any organisation fundraise with Awapuni Nurseries?

No, you must be a charitable organisation, kindergarten or school. Please contact us if you’re unsure.

Do you send us order forms to distribute? How do our supporters make their orders?

No. All you need to do is direct your supporters to the Awapuni Nurseries online shop and give them the unique code. We will give you a PDF document to share on your social media, newsletters, website and other forms of communication. 

Will the unique code still work after the fundraising period has finished?

No the code will expire at the end of your fundraising period. So, make sure to tell your supporters when they must make their orders by.

What will happen when someone enters the fundraising code? How will they know its worked?

When the unique code is entered during a fundraising order, an alert will pop up and say 'Code applied' - this means it has worked. At the end of the fundraising, the organisers will get a report of all the orders so you can double check if you would like. 

Why should our organisation fundraise with Awapuni and not another fundraising initiative?

We strongly recommend you use as many opportunities as you can to fundraise for your cause. The more you can raise the better – right? But the reason we think our fundraising initiative is pretty cool is your promoting to your supporters a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable product that will keep on giving.

Can anyone anywhere in the country support our fundraising by making an order?

Yes absolutely. We deliver nationwide including Chatham, Waiheke and Great Barrier Islands. So tell all your friends and family – no matter where they live to support your cause.