Frequently Asked Questions - Supporters

Below are Frequently Asked Questions for supporters of an Awapuni Nurseries fundraiser

If you a fundraising organiser visit here for the appropriate Frequently Asked Questions.

How much do the plants and garden products normally cost? Are they cheaper or more expensive if we buy them through a fundraiser?

Fundraising supporters will purchase Awapuni plants and garden products at exactly the same price as all our customers.

Can I purchase Awapuni plants from a physical stockist (like my local supermarket) to support the fundraiser?

No, all orders must be made through our online shop.

I’ve only ever purchased plants from a physical store – like Bunnings – why should I purchase them online instead?

Online shopping with Awapuni Nurseries is a great (if not better!) alternative to shopping at your local store because of several reasons. 1 – you get to earn loyalty points which will earn you FREE seedling bundles. 2 – you get to stay home and have your plants delivered direct to your door. 3 – it’s the only way to support your fundraiser. 4 – we often have deals running for online customers (like a free bundle of seedlings with all orders). 4 - we offer all customers (no matter where you shop) a satisfaction guarantee. If for some reason you’re not happy with your plants, we will replace the order no questions asked.

How will I receive my order?

Orders will be delivered via courier to the delivery address you enter during the order process. Orders will be delivered during our normal delivery time frames. Visit here for more information.

What will the delivery fees be?

Fundraising orders will incur the same delivery fees as regular orders. For more information on delivery fees – including how to qualify for FREE delivery, visit here.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to nearly everywhere in New Zealand including Chatham, Waiheke, and Great Barrier Island. For more information visit here.  

Can I enter the unique code any time I make an order?

You should enter the unique code every time you make an order during the fundraising period advertised. All Awapuni fundraisers run for two weeks. When the two weeks are finished the code will no longer be valid. 

Will the unique code still work after the fundraising period has finished?

No the code will expire at the end of your fundraising period. So, make sure to place your order by the date you’ve been given by your fundraisers.

Can anyone, anywhere in the country support an organisation’s fundraising by making an order?

Yes absolutely. We deliver nationwide including Chatham, Waiheke and Great Barrier Islands. So, it doesn’t matter where you live or where the fundraising organisation is based – you can still support them by making an order with Awapuni Nurseries.  

Can I pass the code on to other people I know who might like to support our fundraising initiative?

Definitely. Pass the code on to as many people as you can during the fundraising period. 

What will happen when I enter the fundraising code? How will I know its worked?

When the unique code is entered during a fundraising order, an alert will pop up and say 'Code applied' - this means it has worked. At the end of the fundraising, the organisers will get a report of all the orders made with their code. 

I made an order during the fundraising period but I forgot to enter my code?

No problem, simply forward your order confirmation email to and tell us the name of the fundraising organisation you want to support and the unique code you should have entered. Please let us know as soon as you realised. If it's too long after the fundraising period we may not be able to add it to the orders.