Quick and easy pots

Pots are the garden for everyone. Whether you've got the quarter acre dream or live in an inner-city apartment, pots make gardening accessible to almost all.

Pop a basil or parsley seedling in a small pot for sitting on the windowsill. Pretty up your front door eve with a potted geranium. Or create an explosion of colour with a mix of flower seedlings in a larger pot.

And the best thing about potting up plants is you don't even have to use pots. Got a vintage or recycled container you've always wondered what to do with it? Drill some holes in the bottom for drainage, put it on top of a saucer of some sort and grow viola or coriander in it.

Basically any container that allows water to drain from the bottom will do for potting plants. But the rule of thumb is, the bigger the pot or tub the less it will dry out.

If you're not sure what to plant, try growing one of Awapuni's pots and tubs mixed seedling bundles. You can grab one from your local supermarket or Bunnings. Alternatively, order your seedlings from our online store and have them delivered direct to your door.

The pots and tubs mix takes the hassle out of deciding what flowers to pot up and when to do it. It's jammed full of nine or more seasonal flower seedlings perfect for growing in containers. At this time of the year it has flowers like pansy, lobelia, wallflowers, polyanthus and violas in it.

I like to grow my mix of seedlings in the biggest pot or tub I can find. Something like half a wine barrel works well. Whatever I'm growing and whatever container I'm growing it in, I always use a good quality potting mix. This way I know my seedlings are going to get just the right nutrients to kick-start their growth.

I recommend placing each wallflower and polyanthus seedling around 20cm apart from each other in the middle of the tub. Then planting the viola, lobelia and pansy seedlings the same distance apart around the edge of the pot. The reason for this is wallflowers and polyanthus are quite upright plants so will look good in the centre. And the other three will cascade nicely over the sides of the tub.

One of the other pluses to growing plants in pots is you have the ability to move them around depending on your mood. But try to make sure they always have some sun without drying out.

If the weather is mild over autumn and winter where you are you can expect to see your seedlings flowering in around July. But they could take as long as till spring to start showcasing their abilities. But once they do start to flower they'll continue right through spring until summer.

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