Perfect peony poppies

In the past I've extolled the virtues of both Iceland and Shirley poppies. Both are easy to grow and great for brightening up your garden and then your home as cut flowers. Well, now let me introduce you to the peony poppy.

Much like other poppies, the peony variety enjoys sunny, well-drained and dry conditions and grows to around 70cm high, but unlike the Shirley and Iceland poppies it has multiple fluffy flowering layers of petals.

The peony bundle sold at Awapuni has at least nine seedlings, which are a mix of different colours including varying shades of pink, red and cream.

You can grab a bundle of peony (or any of our other poppy varieties such as Iceland, Shirley, ANZAC, oriental and champagne bubbles) seedlings next time you're down at your local supermarket or Bunnings. Alternatively, head to our online store and have your seedlings delivered from our online store direct to your door.

As I said above, look for a sunny, warm and well-drained spot in your garden to plant your new seedlings. Garden beds next to the house are the perfect planting spot because of the cover and protection the house provides.

Once you've found the right spot simply dig a little hole and plant. It pays to water them once they are planted, as this will help them get started. But after that they shouldn't require much watering. If you do think they need a drink be careful not to overhead water as they don't take kindly to it and can get squashed by wind or rain.

In around just six to eight weeks you can expect a fantastic injection of layered colour in your garden. Remember, to de-head the flowers when they die, and they will keep flowering longer.


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