Top tips for growing coriander

In our opinion coriander is a must-have herb for the garden. But sometimes it can be a little tricky to grow. So we've pulled together all of our top tips for growing this some what particular but great tasting plant. Click here to purchase coriander. 

  • plant coriander when weather is steady (i.e not during change of season) to prevent it 'bolting' from the change in temperature
  • plant in full sun, or partial sun in summer
  • avoid growing in small pot indoors instead plant in deep pot outside or in a free-draining part of garden
  • ensure soil isn't hard or too compact by digging over. Dig in potting mix if required
  • mound the soil up and plant seedling on top to ensure
  • soil is aerated and free-draining
  • water in morning to allow water to dry off during day and prevent disease
  • coriander doesn't like damp or humid conditions. It likes a dry atmosphere but don't let the soil dry out or it may cause the plant to bolt
  • eat it quickly to ensure it doesn't go to seed

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