Wonderful winter violas

We’re on a colour buzz at the nursery this winter. Last month I wrote about adding colour to your winter garden with the three Ps – polyanthus, primula and pansy. Now, I’m going to recommend you add even more colour by planting violas.


We have several different coloured violas available to order. Two straight colours – apricot and blue. And two mixed bundles of colours – the penny citrus mix which has yellow, apricot and white flowers. And viola mixed colours which includes white, yellow, purple and more. 

You can order your plants from our online store. Buy online and you’ll also be able to earn loyalty points to put towards free seedling bundles.

Next you need to find somewhere to plant. I recommend looking for wide, open spaces. Violas grow really well alongside paving or patios. They also look fantastic in borders around spring bulbs or roses - particularly as the roses go dormant and lose their leaves.

And if you're a hanging basket fan (like I am), use violas to create a welcoming entrance at your place throughout the cooler months. You can also pop them in a pot - in fact they look great planted around the outside of potted shrubs or citrus trees.

Wherever you decide to plant, simply dig in a balanced fertiliser, then plant your seedlings in small holes, about 20cm apart.

If growing them in a pot, make sure you use a good potting mix to provide all the nutrients they need. Try not to position any pots under the eaves of your house. Violas like good air circulation and keeping them away from these types of spots will help prevent them getting downy mildew.

In about four to six weeks, you should have even more colour in your garden. Remember to pick off the dead heads to encourage them to flower, and you'll get to enjoy the effect for much, much longer.

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