Lovely lavatera

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Lavatera is a lovely plant that is great for expert and beginner gardeners alike. It is sometimes (or often in other parts of the world) known as mallow and has many great traits. It’s easy to plant, grows quickly and produces many flowers. Its pretty flowers are loved by bees and beneficial insects alike. And it’s happiest in dry conditions – perfect for this time of year.

 We sell two varieties of lavatera at Awapuni Nurseries – beauty mix and rose.

Both are bushy types of plants but beauty mix grows to around 80cm tall – around 20cm taller than rose. Beauty mix produces showy flowers in various shades of pink, white, rose and salmon. And rose also produces showy flowers but only in pink/rose. Both will flower all summer long.

Once you’ve got your plants, look for a spot in full sun or part shade with well-drained or sandy soil. Lavatera is great for growing in borders or garden beds – perfecting for filling space – and pots and containers.

Next, dig a little hole and plant each one around 40-50cm apart from the next.

Give it a bit of watering when you first plant it but don’t worry if you can’t water it regularly – it thrives in dry conditions making it perfect if you head away over summer.

If you plant our established plants (plants that we’ve on-grown from seedlings at the nursery) you can get expect to see the start of your lavatera summer show in around three weeks. If you grow seedlings you’ll need to wait a little longer – around eight weeks.

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