Grow beautiful borders with ageratum

As most of us gardeners learn over time (often through trial and error!), some plants are suited to some purposes better than others.

Bedding, hanging baskets, pots, tubs, rock gardens and more. Well, ageratum is one of the top plants I think of when someone says they would like to create a floral border.

It’s perfect for borders because it grows quite densley and it doesn’t grow too tall. Plus, I personally think it looks quite stunning when grown in a border.

At Awapuni Nurseries we stock two varieties of ageratum – blue and pink. They both grow to a height of 20cm and are also good for growing in bedding, window boxes and rock gardens.

Once you’ve got your plants look for a full sun to semi-shade spot in the garden and plant each one around 20cm apart.

 Ageratum can cope with pretty dry conditions but it will do better if you water it regularly.

 Depending on the weather where you are, in around four to eight weeks you can expect to see this easy-care plant flower.

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