Cute and cottagey cornflowers

If you’re after a cottage-garden or wildflower vibe in your garden then look no further than cornflowers. Their ruffled and colourful flowers will add an easy-care, pretty look to any home and garden.

Typically cornflowers are blue but we also sell a mixed bundle of seedlings which includes pink, lilac, white, purple and blue flowers. 

Other flowers that also grow nicely with cornflowers and will create a lovely effect when grown together in your garden are delphiniums, poppies, lavender and roses.

If you don’t have much of a garden, never fear, cornflowers also grow very well in pots and look particularly nice when grown with lobelia in containers.

If you’re planting in the garden, look for a sunny, well-drained spot with soil that isn't too sour. Before you start, I recommend adding a good general fertiliser or blood and bone to help give the seedlings a good kick-start.

If you’re growing your cornflowers in a pot, as always, I recommend tipping out any old soil and replacing with new potting mix.

Then dig a little hole and plant each seedling around 10cm apart. They're quite upright growing plants and planting at this space apart will allow them to support the weight of each other.

In around six to eight weeks your cute and cottagey plants will start to flower and provide a splash of colour to your garden.

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