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How to Boost Yields in Your Vege Garden

We've compiled some tips for you to be able to get more fruits from your vege garden especially during harvest time. 

Here are some gardening tips that will enable more fruiting! 


Good quality potting mix is equipped with nutrients that will help your plants develop strong roots. 
2. Feeding your plants with good fertilisers will boost their yields. 
Some options are:  Liquid Seaweed  and Tomato Foods
3. Choice of plants
Look for plants that grow well within your region's climate.  Warmer areas are great for tomatoes while brassicas and cabbages can thrive in cooler areas.
Plant based on what's in season.  Use our planting calendar as your guide
4. Spacing - Give your plants enough space to grow. Planting too close is a diseas risk and inhibit proper growth.
5. COMPANION Planting
Companion plants are plants that support the growth of other species to promote their growth.  For example, tomatoes love being planted with basil. Mixing flowers with veges help reduce pests and help attract pollinators.  It's also helpful to diversify flowering plants, perennials and annuals.  Choose blooms that are rich in nectar. 
6. Keep picking.  The more you pick, the more the plant produces. Picking initiates more flowers and fruits.
7. WATER regularly.  Keep a schedule. Plants need regular, consistent watering.  Irregular watering causes disease and can leave vegetables like lettuce bitter tasting.  In hot months, better water early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
8. Watch out for weeds.  These weeds will try to consume the water and nutrients meant for your plants. 
9.  Let sunshine do its magic.  Veggies love a lot of sun, ideally about 8 hours a day. 
10. Start with easy plants.
If you're a beginner, here are some easy-to-grow plants for your edible garden:
RadishHerbs (Basil SweetParsley), LettucesBroccoli, Sweet cornSpring Onions

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