September 2016

Burning question

My citrus tree doesn’t look like its producing any new growth and there are small holes in the main trunk. And I can see what looks like sawdust around the bottom of the trunk. Do you know what’s happening?

More than likely it’s stem borer. This is an insect that will eat the inside of the stem out and eventually kill the citrus tree. Sometimes natives with soft wood (like lemonwood or kowhai) will also get stem borer. To stop it in its tracks, get some borer spray for fruit trees and spray it into the holes.

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Gardening tip

If you’re going to build a new vege garden for your spring planting you might like to consider this tip. Lay down a thick layer of cardboard on the base of your garden beds and it will kill the grass below and prevent weeds coming through. The cardboard will eventually fully decompose.

Whimsical garden ideas

We love a good list of gardening related things in Cultivated News. If you’re into whimsical gardens, then this list might give you some inspiration for new ideas. It’s full of colourful kitsch knick-knack planter boxes and other pretty ornaments. Click here to visit The Glamourous Housewife.

September is a good time to...

Add some colour to your garden. Grow nemesia, carnations, lobelia, sweet peas and any flower available from our online store right now. Mulch and try making your own compost. And grow new season veges like silverbeet, spinach, lettuce, cucumber and more.

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Tons of tomatoes

Awapuni EndiveThis is a picture of our new season tomato plants. They're looking really strong and healthy. In the last few years we’ve learned a lot about growing these – mostly by trial and error. Last year we had patches of plants dying for no apparent reason. Turns out the problem was quite a simple one. On super hot days the water in the hose was getting very hot and the first plants to get watered were damaged by that water. Very easy fix once we realised this! Currently we are sowing 22,000 tomato plants every week.

Happy gardening

Henri Ham

Fire up the colour

Viscaria Angel RoseIf you’re looking to add some spark to your garden this summer, look no further than gazania. This flame-like plant produces incredibly striking orange, yellow, cream and red flowers and loves hot, dry, sunny and even windy growing conditions.

For a perfect planting buddy, partner it with livingstone daisies. These bright coloured plants thrive in the same conditions as gazania. Because of this, both plants are great for mass planting on dry slopes, bedding, ground cover, edging and in pots.

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Quick and easy to grow endive

Spring has arrived, which means salad season is just around the corner. And there’s nothing like picking fresh salad ingredients straight out of your garden.


I’ve talked a lot about the different salad plants (typically lettuces) we have available at Awapuni – iceberg, baby cos, red, triumph, just to name a few. But for some reason I’ve never mentioned endive in one of these articles. And I’m not really sure why.

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Win a potato prize pack

We’ve teamed up again with our friends from NZ Bulbs to give away a fantastic potato and vege prize pack to four lucky winners. To be in with a chance to win three packs of different tuber cultivars (one each for early, mid and late season potatoes), three bundles of vegetable seedlings and some insect proof mesh to cover the plants head to our Facebook page where we’re running the competition. And remember, now’s the time to plant potatoes and if you’d like to order some seed potatoes head to NZ Bulbs.  


Newbies start now

If you’ve never grown vegetables before, or never had much luck, now’s the time to give it a proper go. Spring is the best time to get your garden beds ready and plant veges.

The weather and soil temperature is (or will be soon) starting to warm up which is what your seedlings need to succeed. For tips on how to create a raised garden and what to fill it with (to get the most chance of success) check out Tod’s top tips for a beginner vegetable garden.

New bee mix

In the past many of you have asked which plants are good to grow to attract bees to the garden. A couple of clever customers also suggested we sell a bee-friendly plant bundle. We love clever ideas and so are now pleased to announce that we have a new seedling bundle for sale – Bee Mix. This new bundle will include seasonal plants that bees like. Possible plants include oregano, lavender, rosemary, borage, anise hyssop, catnip, lemon balm, cat mint, alyssum, lemon bergamot and more. We’re in the process of printing new labels (should be finished mid to late September) and as soon as they’re done we’ll have the Bee Mix in stock online and at selected stores. Let us know what you think and if there’s any other Awapuni plants you think we should include. And if you’d like to know more about what you can do to help our bees visit the Bee Aware Month Facebook page – which is raising awareness about bees for all of September.  


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