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For every order made from now until the end of April, Awapuni Nurseries will throw in one free bundle of
Traditional Value Cinderella stock - containing 9 plants. We’ll also throw in an information sheet on how to get the best and brightest Cinderella stocks – a natural dwarf variety ideal for pots and bedding.
To see the entire range of seedlings available at Awapuni Nurseries click here and have a browse around our plant shop.

Shop and go

Next time you’re doing the weekly shop keep an eye out for Awapuni’s Traditional Value and Pop’N’Grow seedling ranges. They are available at The Warehouse, leading supermarkets, hardware stores and garden centres from Kaitaia to Gore.
Stores stock a range of annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables – and they change from week to week, depending on what is in season.
Of course, if you’d rather have your plants delivered direct to your door, Awapuni’s range is always available online at


APRIL 2008

Help grow an interest in winter vegetables
As every parent knows, getting kids to eat anything that’s good for them can be an uphill battle, especially when it comes to vegetables. The best solution may be to get them to help youplant them.
“Autumn is a great time to plant hardy vegetables,” says Awapuni’s gardening expert Tod Palenski.
“The colder weather means there’s no need to worry about when to water vegetables or whether they’re going to be destroyed by bugs and diseases before you get to enjoy them.” The secret is to choose vegetables that grow well at this time of year and prepare the soil properly.
“Choose a fertiliser which is moisture controlled, such as nirophoska blue, over one that is temperature controlled, like blood and bone and make sure you add lime to the soil to stop it going sour when wet.”
Brassicas, such as cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage, are the perfect plants for this time of year. Mixed seedlings can be a great way to create some variety in your vegetable garden.
“Awapuni has two types of brassica mixes in their traditional value seedling range. One has cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli and the other has cabbage, cauliflower and silverbeet, so your family can enjoy a good variety of greens.”
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What’s your flavour?

Let your imagination run and create your own healthy, great tasting herbal tea, fresh from your garden.
Herbs such as mint, lavender and lemon balm (all available in Awapuni’s traditional value range) make great herbal tea infusions by themselves. Just add one tablespoon of fresh herbs per cup and steep in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.
If you feel like being more adventurous, try mixing several herbs together (lemon balm and mint are a great combination) to create a flavour to suit your own taste.
For extra zing, take inspiration from your spice rack - cinnamon, aniseed and ginger work well with fresh herbs. Citrus juice and zest can also be used to enhance the flavour of your tea.
For a fresh iced herbal tea pour boiling water over mint, lemon balm, hibiscus flowers, lemon peel, rose petals and a cinnamon stick. Leave to cool in the fridge, add some ice and enjoy.

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