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For every order made from now until the end of August, Awapuni Nurseries will throw in one free bundle of Traditional Value sweet peas containing at least 12 plants.

To see the entire range of seedlings available at Awapuni Nurseries click here and have a browse around our plant shop.

Waterproof gardens

It may be one of the latest trends in gardening but xeriscaping is really just a fancy word for going back to basics.
Xeriscaping is the practice of using creative landscaping to conserve water, using ecologically-sound practices and results in a low-maintenance garden.
This includes extensive mulching and putting in native plants that are suited to the climate so you don't have to water your garden all the time.
It’s even becoming popular even in areas where there isn't a water shortage. Read more.



Heaven scent: pretty fragrant flowers delight the senses
On average, humans take 23,000 breaths everyday, taking in the scents of the surrounding environment. Even at this time of year, a myriad of flowers are being planted purely to delight our sense of smell.
“Having scented flowers in your garden at any time of the year is great, but in the winter it can really give your flower garden that much needed lift,” says Awapuni’s gardening guru Tod Palenski.
For an easy way to liven up the fragrance of your garden, Tod says you can’t go past a mix of fragrant flowers.
“Awapuni’s Fragrant Flower mix, available in most garden stores and supermarkets as well as online, is an inexpensive way to add gorgeous scent to your garden.
Included in the mix are sweat Peas, Brompton stock and Virginian stock. Tod says as well as smelling great, they’re great for hiding any bald spots in the end-of-winter garden.
Click here to read more.

August is a great time to…

Get ready for spring! Now’s the time to get your garden ready for a spring makeover. Prepare soil by digging in lots of rich compost. Brighten up your flower garden with seedlings of sweet peas, pansies, viola, stock, delphinium and polyanthus.
In the vege garden plant brassicas. Awapuni has a great Mixed Vegetable pack - a selection of all-time favourites cabbage, cauliflower and sprouting broccoli – in their Traditional Value range
The beginning of the month, when it’s cooler, is the best time to plant parsnips, peas and broad beans. When the weather starts to warm up – hopefully at the end of the month - you can start to plant carrots, radish and beetroot.
Brighten up your flower garden with seedlings of pansies, viola, stock, delphinium and polyanthus.
This month you should also finish pruning roses then give them a good spray of lime sulphur .
Lastly, remember to give everything in the garden a good feed and top up layers of mulch.

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