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For every order made from now until the middle of September, Awapuni Nurseries will throw in one free Mesclun Lettuce Mix Pop’n’Grow pot containing nine plants!
And to ensure your mesclun lettuce mix gets all the right treatment, Awapuni Nurseries will also include an information fact sheet.
To see the entire range of seedlings available at Awapuni Nurseries click here to visit our plant shop.

Climate change to blame?

Daffodils arrive early in the UK

Daffodils have burst into bloom in a Scottish garden seven months earlier than normal, an event that has left horticultural experts dumbfounded.
In a year already characterised by weather extremes, the three dwarf-variety daffodils appeared this week in a garden on Royal Deeside.
Experts speculated that the cold summer may have fooled the flowers - which had already bloomed in spring - into thinking they had just gone through another winter. Click here for more.



Simple kitchen garden ideas to curry favour with dinner guests
Top chefs will tell you the secret to a great meal is to use the freshest ingredients available. And you can’t get fresher, or more available, than your own garden.

Fresh Asian Herbs

With our increasing love for exotic foods, having a ready supply of Asian herbs and other ingredients growing in your garden is a great way to impress the guests at your next dinner party, says Awapuni's gardening guru, Tod Palenski.
And your perfect 'garden' in this case needs to be nothing more than an empty half wine barrel to grow everything you need for a great Asian curry.
So throw away those ancient packets of dried herbs gathering dust in your cupboards, find a sunny spot for your barrel near the kitchen door and get planting. Click here to find out more.

Lights, camera, action…
Awapuni director, Henri Ham, and gardening guru, Tod Palenski, shared the spotlight last month with the production of a promotional video. The four minute video explains the advantages of Awapuni innovation Pop’n’Grow.

Awapuni Director Henri Ham

Tod presented sections on how to plant and care for Pop’n’Grow, while Henri showed off the special precision seeding machine which makes Pop’n’Grow unique.
So what makes Pop’n’grow so special?
Ordinary seedlings are grown in an open tray, so the developing root systems get tangled up with each other, damaging the plants before they are planted.
Not so with Pop’n’Grow! Because the machine carefully places one Pop‘n’Grow seed into its own compartment of a specially divided growing tray, each seedling then develops separately from its neighbours, so there’s no root tangling or root damage.
The team at Awapuni are so proud of their innovation they wanted everyone to know about it. The video will be used by staff at expos and promotional events and will become part of the Pop’n’Grow in-store displays in selected retail outlets. If you’d like a sneak peek, check out the video on Awapuni’s website.

Win six Pop’n’Grow pots
Winning couldn’t be easier. This month we have six Pop’n’Grow pots to give away to one lucky winner.
Simply tell us which two Pop’n’Grow herbs are used to make an easy Thai chicken salad. (hint: click here)


Send your answer and contact details to Heather at Awapuni Nurseries and go in the draw to win six Pop’n’Grow pots. The competition closes on 30 June 2007 and the winner will be drawn at random.

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