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Every order placed online in December will receive a free bundle of Portulaca Tequila Chiffon, containing nine plants, from our from our Traditional Value range. We’ll also throw in an information sheet on how to grow the prettiest portulaca in town. To check out our full range of Pop’n’Grow and traditional value plants, visit our online plant shop. While your there check out or Care’n’Grow range of gardening supplements and accessories.

Global warming and your garden

Global warming has become a great concern to the planet and a worry for gardeners, industry, agriculture and governments. Many of us have difficulties getting our heads around what is actually happening but we see the effects of global warming with our unseasonal weather patterns, horrendous storms, flooding, forest fires, droughts, etc.
So what is it really all about and can gardeners do anything more than plant a few trees to assist in capturing carbon?
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Zinnias help attract butterflies to your garden.;Companion planting the secret behind successful gardens
Learning which plants to grow together can greatly increase your success in the garden, whether you want to cut down on spraying or watering, attract bees or scare off the neighbour’s cat.
Awapuni gardening guru, Tod Palenski, says companion planting – the idea that certain plants can benefit others when planted next to, or close to one another - has been around for centuries and could be the making of your garden.
“With our current fixation on all things organic and environment-friendly, companion planting is really growing in popularity,” says Tod. “It’s easy to do and it can help reduce the number of chemicals used in your garden.”
Marigolds are a great example of a pest-deterring companion plant because they produce a strong smell which repels most insects. Their roots also contain a pesticidal chemical which kills nematodes (microscopic parasites living in the soil).
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Gifts that keep on giving

Give the gift of gardening this Christmas by spoiling your friends and family with seedlings from Awapuni. You could create a theme for each recipient – country cottage for mum, fruit and veges for dad, herbs for a budding gourmet.
Awapuni’s Pop’n’Grow seedlings, available online or in good supermarkets and garden centres, make the perfect gifts. Buy them as close to Christmas as you can and keep them on a saucer of water. Just before you’re ready to give them, put them in a box or basket filled with other gardening goodies such as gloves, trowels or special gardeners’ hand cream.
Looking for the perfect gift for someone who has everything? Oxfam Unwrapped has some great gardening gift ideas that help you give something special to your friends or family and give something extra special to people who haven't got much at all.
Coffee Plant Buy a coffee plant for a farmer in East Timor to improve their income and the quality and sustainability of their plantations for just $20.
Or plant 25 trees for a community in need for $25.
If you’re feeling super generous, $450 will buy a 10 percent share in a cocoa plantation and help farmers become Fairtrade certified.
You’ll receive a card that represents the gift that you have chosen to give to your friend for Christmas. A great idea for your office secret Santa recipient – you can even buy chickens, goats and donkeys. Tis the season after all!

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