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For every order made from now until the middle of July, Awapuni Nurseries will throw in one free Carnation Pop’n’Grow pot containing nine plants!

And to ensure your carnations get all the right treatment, Awapuni Nurseries will also include an information fact sheet. To see the entire range of seedlings available at Awapuni Nurseries click here and visit our plant shop.

High-rise gardening becomes new Asian trend
Living in New Zealand means most of us will never have to worry about the trade-off between having a garden and high-rise apartment living.
But in Asia apartment living has created a unique urban gardening culture. Click here to read more on Asia’s high-rise dwellers and their increased interest in gardening.


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JUNE 2007

What have celebrities and perennials got in common?
The Oscars, the BAFTAs and the Emmys might be months away, but you can bet the stars, or at least their stylists, are already

working out what to wear on the big day, and that diets and personal trainers are, even now, being wheeled out. It’s no secret that a lot of hard work goes into looking good on that red carpet!

Day lilies make star quality garden

Well the same can be said of your garden. If you want it to have absolute star quality come spring, now is the time to undertake the preparatory nipping, tucking and grooming. And this month - courtesy of landscaping expert and personal trainer to your garden Tod Palenski - we’ll start with your perennials.

Click here for the latest tips and advice from Tod on how to put some life back into your garden by ensuring your perennials remain healthy and ready to shine come spring.

Awapuni loves giving away plants

We’re big on giving things away at Awapuni. And lately we’ve been sending out a lot of our revolutionary seedling range - Pop’n’Grow - to winners from our e-zine, website, in-store and newspaper competitions. So we thought it might be time to fill you in on why we think Pop’n’Grow is the best thing since sliced bread.

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are in the garden, Pop’n’Grow is simple to plant and quite literally guaranteed to grow. They are ideal for children and include over 120 different perennials, herbs, flowers and vegetables, and even a special kids’ fun pack to help little ones develop a love for gardening.

Placing seedlings in Pop’n’Grow pot

Pop’n’Grows successfully overcome the age-old root damage problem that can often cause seedling products to fail. The innovative and biodegradable packaging protects the delicate roots from damage.

Developed by Awapuni Nurseries, Pop’n’Grows are available at supermarkets, The Warehouse, Kmart, Bunnings stores and online at the Awapuni Plant Shop. Get online now or down to your local supermarket to try Pop’n’Grow today. For everything you need to know about Pop’n’Grow click here.

Win six Pop’n’Grow pots
Once again, it couldn’t be easier to win six Pop’n’Grow pots.

Simply tell us what the special bulk deal is if you buy three Care’n’Grow gardening supplements and accessories?
(hint: click here)


Send your answer and contact details to Heather at Awapuni Nurseries and go in the draw to win six Pop’n’Grow pots. The competition closes on 30 June 2007 and the winner will be drawn at random.

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