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Treat your garden like your pets
Having a garden is like owning a pet. It needs to be fed, watered, cared for and tended to by an attentive owner. And if treated properly it will grow, flourish and provide you long-lasting enjoyment.
But just like your faithful Fido, it can’t always tell you when something is wrong. “You have to look out for the signs,” says gardening expert, Tod Palenski of Awapuni Nurseries. In the same way Fido scratching his fur tells you he has fleas, plants will display symptoms to tell you they have some annoying little pests of their own.
As with any good cure, Tod says the first order of business should always be prevention.
For more information on how to prevent and cure diseases and pests in your garden click here to go to our latest press release.

Win a Pop’n’Grow pot
Visit the Pop’n’Grow section of the Plant Shop and name a type of basil you can buy from the Pop’n’Grow range at Awapuni Nurseries. Send your answer, address and phone number to Heather at Awapuni Nurseries.


The competition closes on 30 March. The winner will be contacted directly and their details will be posted on the website.

Awapuni has the answers to all your frequently asked gardening questions
Due to excessive spamming we have had to shut down our forums. However, we are still the number one source for gardening information. Visit the Better Gardens page on our website to find the answers to your burning gardening questions on everything from making compost to pests in your vegetable garden.
If you can’t find the answer to your question send Tod, our resident gardening guru, an email with your query. He will post the answers to the latest questions on the website every Wednesday.