October 2011

Buying in bulk

Have you got an insatiable need for pansies, cauliflower, lobelia and other veges and flowers? Then check out Henri’s bulk seedling listings on Trade Me. You can find great deals on veges like silverbeet for as little as $8 plus delivery. Please note our online delivery deals don’t apply to Trade Me orders.

Burning question...

What are the white spots on my roses?

White spots on your roses could be two things - insects or fungus. To find out which try and scrape it off with your finger. If it scrapes off it's an insect. If not, it's a fungus. Read on for what to do next.

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October is a
good time to…

Water, feed, spray and weed. As the weather warms up your garden will start to kick into action. So now’s a good time to plant summer veges like carrots, beans, peas, cauliflower, lettuce and courgettes. Keep adding colour to your garden by planting flowers like lupins and livingstone daisies. Read on for more details.

Tasty tomatoes take on cancer

Did you know one tomato contains 40 per cent of your daily recommend dose of vitamin C? They’re great for getting a spot of vitamin A, potassium and iron. And, did you also know the red pigment in tomatoes is called lycopene which studies have shown has powerful anticancer properties – particularly against prostate cancer.

Bring on beneficial bees and insects

Companion planting is also a great way of attracting beneficial insects, like bees, which are essential for cross-pollinating flowers, fruit trees and plants like tomatoes. Try planting zinnias to attract bees and butterflies to your garden to help it pollinate and also to attract aphid-eating lady bugs. Zinnias are easy to grow, adaptable and quick flowering.

Keeping busy at the nursery

Phew! September is over. The first month of spring was a busy one. Thanks to all of those who supported us during our super September seedling giveaway by ordering online. We hope you’ve already started to see the results in your garden and, remember, free delivery for online orders is here to stay. Simply order six or more items to a non-rural address for free delivery, or pay just $4 for delivery to a rural address.

In between giving away seedlings on Twitter, keeping your local supermarket stocked and organising deliveries for online orders, we’ve been busy working on a new machine for extracting our plants from the cell trays they grow in. We’re pretty excited about this new gadget, which will speed up our packing process and is even kinder on the seedlings – making them that much easier for you to grow.

We’ve also introduced a new high-tech packaging solution for delivering online and Trade Me seedling orders – shoeboxes! We’re giving Palmerston North's Number One Shoes' surplus shoeboxes an extra life before they retire permanently.

We hope you’re enjoying daylight savings – more time for gardening!

Henri Ham
Awapuni Nurseries

Friends with benefits

Mates, companions, pals or friends. Whatever you call it – marigolds, tomatoes, and lettuces like to hang in the same circles.

They also have certain advantages, or benefits, to offer each other. But like any good group of friends, there’s usually one who tends to go the extra mile to help the others out.

In the world of plants – marigolds are that friend. And in my opinion you can’t go wrong with adding marigolds to any vege garden.

Growing friends with benefits next to each other is known as companion planting, and marigolds are one of the most well known companions around.

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Lemons galore

Are you lucky enough to have lemons coming out your ears at the moment? Once you’ve made lemon muffins, lemon tart, and lemon juice it can be hard to think of what to do with them all. So why not squeeze your leftover lemons (best done with the juice fitting on a blender) and pour them into ice cube trays. Once they’re frozen, stick them in zip-lock bags in the freezer. Perfect for making up marinades, dressings, stocks or adding some zing to summer drinks.

Alternatively, here are some easy to follow, step-by-step instructions from one of our Twitter followers, @NaturallyTrisha, for preserving lemons – a tasty addition to many Moroccan and Middle Eastern recipes.

Help! What’s this plant?

The world wide web is a wonderful place with sites and internet groups – such as Flickr.com - dedicated to helping you identify unknown plants. Simply take a few clear pictures of the leaves, stem, flower or seedpods against a solid colour background (like a piece of paper) and upload the pics.

If you include geographical information about where you came across the plant – this will help narrow its identity. The Chicago Tribune has more tips and sites to help you on your way to becoming a budding botanist.

Take the scare out of school holidays

There’s just under a month to go until Halloween. But if you’re a parent, the thought of entertaining kids during the upcoming school holidays probably has you more scared. So this school break why not take the terror out of having your kids home all day and put the horror back in Halloween by creating a scarecrow. This fun activity is fantastic for keeping children busy and entertained, and also helps keep birds away from precious vege gardens.

The best scarecrows are made from recycled clothes, junk and anything you can find at home. Got some old tomato stakes? Try using them for the frame of your scarecrow. Simply tie the stakes together in a cross.

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Up-coming gardening events

  • Pacific Rose Bowl Festival (17-20 November). This free-entry event is set in the Rogers Rose Garden at Hamilton Gardens – home to over 3,000 rose bushes. The festival is in its 10th year and has something for the whole family.
  • Taranaki Garden Spectacular (28 October – 6 November). This spring festival includes specialist garden speakers, garden tours, music & wine in gardens and many more events.
Have you got an upcoming gardening event you’d like to publicise? Flick us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

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