September 2011

Super September seedling giveaway

To celebrate the official launch of our new website, we’re giving away a free Traditional Value seedling bundle with every order made online during September. Each day we’ll announce on our website and Twitter which seedling we’re giving away that day. That’s right, order just one seedling bundle and we’ll throw in another for free. And remember, order six items and we’ll also deliver for free to a non-rural address or for just $4 to a rural address. There’s never been a better time to buy online!
Burning question...

The lower leaves on my celery withered and died as soon as the celery started to mature. What’s happened?

Celery doesn’t like to get too wet or humid. Replant new seedlings on a mounded row, which will provide more air circulation and should solve your problem.

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September is
the time to…

Compost. You can plant larkspur, livingstone daisies, lobelia, marigolds, petunia and sweet peas this month. Mulch roses, shrubs and trees. Watch out for aphids and protect zucchini, capsicum and tomato seedlings from late frosts.

Read on for more details. September is the time to… Compost.
Free delivery for online orders

We’re making it easier for you to order your seedlings online. Order six or more items from our online shop to a non-rural address, and we’ll deliver them for free. Or pay just $4 for delivery to a rural address. Like to hand pick your seedlings? We guarantee you’ll be happy with the seedlings we deliver. And, if for any reason you’re not satisfied, simply call us on 0800 33 2000 and we’ll replace the problem order – no questions asked. All orders are dispatched on Tuesdays, but where possible we try and get them away earlier.

Hangover cure

Who knew eating beetroot could help a hangover? This humble vegetable can thank the antioxidant, beta cyanin, for giving it its colour and also helping with the night after.

Beta cyanin speeds up detoxification in your liver, which enables your body to turn alcohol into a less harmful substance that can be excreted quicker than normal.

We’re celebrating this month!

Last month we showed a picture of a snow-covered garden near Wellington owned by one of our Twitter followers. Well, since then there’s been even more snow nationwide – even here at our nursery. Check out this pic of our greenhouses covered in snow.

Luckily the season all gardeners wait for has just arrived – spring. To celebrate the impending warmer weather, we’ve officially launched our new website – It’s been live for a little while but we’ve been making tweaks and improvements. Now we’re ready to announce it to the world!

So check it out, tell us what you think and take advantage of our September seedling giveaway for all online orders (see more detail in this newsletter) and free delivery on orders of six or more items to a non-rural address – which is here to stay.

Happy spring gardening.

Henri Ham
Awapuni Nurseries

Inject a shot of colour this spring

It’s been a white couple of weeks – with record snowfall from the top to the bottom of the country. While there are certainly bright plants you can grow during winter, it tends to be quite a muted season – colour wise. So to mark the first official month of spring – and hopefully warmer weather – I’m going to tell you how to inject a shot of colour into your garden this September.

Awapuni Nurseries’ shirley poppies will add the splash of colour your garden has been longing for this winter. Plus, you can easily transfer that colour into your home as they make the perfect cut flower.

They come in a range of colours and can be purchased from your local Bunnings, The Warehouse or supermarket.

But there’s never been a better month to buy online at To celebrate the official launch of our new website we’re giving away one free seedling bundle with every order made online during September.

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The life and times of beetroot

The life and times of beetrootBeetroot has always seemed an odd vegetable to me. Google beetroot recipes and it turns up in combination with a huge variety of other foods and in every type of meal you could think of.

Kiwis seem to have a special affinity with it – particularly in a burger. I even found a tasty looking recipe for beetroot and chocolate cupcakes. Personally, I like to add grated beetroot to a summer salad or roast them with other winter veges.

There’s no denying it’s an incredibly versatile vegetable to have in your pantry. So you’d be crazy not to plant it. Especially when you can whip it up into any number of tasty snacks like the simple beetroot hummus I’ve included a recipe for at the end of this article. Perfect for kids to snack on with carrot sticks or pita bread.

So grab some beetroot seedlings from your local Bunnings, The Warehouse or supermarket.

Better still, head online to, get the seedlings delivered straight to your door and take advantage of our fantastic September giveaways.

Once you’ve got your beetroot seedlings, it’s simply a matter of working out where to plant them. Beetroot like well-drained, friable (breaks apart in your hands) soil.

They grow well next to brassicas, like broccoli and cauliflower, which take longer to mature and spread out. This means you can plant beetroot in the spaces in between your brassicas, and harvest them before the brassicas start needing the extra room.

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Wellington celebrates spring

Wellington Botanic Gardens From 17 September - 2 October Wellington Botanic Garden is celebrating spring. Their Spring Festival includes two weeks of walks, talks, music, workshops and much more. This year they’ve even designed the tulip beds to pay tribute to the overseas teams playing in Wellington for Rugby World Cup 2011.

NZ Bulbs - FieldingPlant now for summer bulbs

For summer flowering bulbs to brighten up your garden, you can't go past the wide range offered by NZ Bulbs. Located in Feilding, not far from us, they have an extensive range of summer flowering bulbs available for ordering right now. As growers of the Hammett dahlia range, NZ Bulbs have the widest range and latest releases available.

You'll also find an extensive range of gladioli, begonias, hippeastrums, zantedeschia, lilies and many more unusual bulbs. Visit their website and shop online, or call them on 06 323 4516 for a free catalogue.

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