August 2012

Plant now for Christmas spuds

Mashed potato, crispy wedges, potato salad, new potatoes covered in butter - whatever your potato preference, now's the time to plant this versatile vegetable. For a step-by-step guide from our gardening guru, Tod - click here.
Burning question...

My lawn is going yellow and dying off in patches. What's wrong with it?

Sounds like you have grass grub. Get some grass grub prills from your local garden centre and sprinkle over the patches in your lawn.

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To turn yellow or not

That is the question. Last month we said that sometimes limes turn yellow after a frost. Phillip, a reader of Cultivated News, told us that in some areas of the world limes go yellow as they ripen. We're interested to know if any of our other readers have an opinion on whether their limes have turned yellow because they are ripe or for another reason. Let us know what you think by emailing Tod. We'll share our findings in another issue of Cultivated News.

August is a
good time to...

Finish off rose pruning, dig over the garden, add some fertiliser and plant new brassicas. Brighten your garden with pansies, viola, stock, delphinium and polyanthus. Plant perennials like new season lavender, peony roses, or hostas. And why not plant some fruit trees too? Read on for more details on what to plant and when this month. And don't forget to check for aphids in your garden - particularly on new rose shoots.
Handy household tip

Like having pots in your house but don't like the soil that drops out the bottom? Try putting a coffee filter in the bottom of the pot. The water can still drain through - but not the dirt.

Spring is nearly here

And before it arrives we've had a bit of maintenance work to do here at the nursery. Last spring was very wet and because of this the soil in parts of our nursery is still pretty boggy. To help the water find our underground drainage our nursery manager, Graham, has been busy completely redoing our seedling benches. As you probably know, we're big on recycling at Awapuni. Our new benches are made of recycled tyres and hardwood pallets courtesy of Toyota. Check out Graham's nice straight rows in the picture to the right!

Happy gardening

Henri Ham
Awapuni Nurseries

Life after the ice age

Growing up we ate a lot of iceberg lettuce in our household. I don't know about you, but we didn't know all these other types of lettuces that are now available even existed.

My kids, on the other hand, are lettuce connoisseurs. They like buttercrunch with this and cos with that and 'no thanks Dad I'd prefer red lettuce in my sandwich'.

And I can tell you right now, growing up in the Manawatu, there was no way we picked leaves off the lettuce in the garden as we needed it. Who knew you didn't need to harvest the whole plant and take it inside? That if you left it in the garden you could just pick the fresh leaves as you needed and leave the plant to continue growing.

So now that I've had the world of lettuce opened up to me, it seems crazy just to plant one variety. That's why I'm a huge fan of Awapuni Nurseries' hearting mixed lettuce bundle, which includes at least nine seedlings of in-season hearting lettuce, buttercrunch, red and cos lettuce.

You can pick up your own Awapuni Nurseries mixed lettuce bundle from your local supermarket, Bunnings or The Warehouse. Alternatively, jump on to our website and get your seedlings delivered direct to your door.

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The heat is on

Does the weather feel like it's warming up but you're not sure if that means the soil temperature in your garden is also increasing? If you find yourself mowing your lawns more frequently because the grass is growing quicker - this means your soil temperature is on the rise. The soil temperature will dictate when your plants will be ready to harvest, and increasing soil temperature is often a good time to plant spring veges because the warmer soil helps them establish.

Small poppies

If you got your hands on the Sweet Williams I recommended last month, you might well be seeking out a trusty companion. If that's the case, look no further than the Iceland Poppy - an extremely attractive plant that yields large, bowl-shaped and lightly fragrant flowers. Not only do the two plants enjoy the same growing conditions, they make an attractive pairing.

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Entice Tui to your garden

Keen to attract Tui back to your garden? Then you need to check out the new online garden shop from Kiwi owned and operated Just Add Worms. The recently redesigned online store makes it easier than ever to choose a Tui Feeder to suit every garden and budget. From standard, deluxe and deluxe two way (includes suet or lard feeder) to pole mounted or hanging - they have a Tui Feeder to suit all needs. Installation is easy and feeders are supplied with a coloured brochure, which includes food mixture ratios. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Just Add Worms to view the complete range of feeders today.

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