March 2012

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Burning question...

What are these bugs on my basil?

Looks like your basil has become a home for passion vine hoppers. Probably because, like basil, passion vine hoppers enjoy dry and sunny conditions. Wash or shake them off your plant and keep eating the basil. Alternatively, put a ladybug on your plant. Ladybugs are carnivores and will go hunting on your basil.

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March is a
good time to…

Water and fertilise. Now’s also the time to pick the last of your runner beans. Get the kids involved with harvesting - even if they’ve never eaten beans, you’d be surprised what they will eat when they harvest it themselves. Lastly, March is also a great time to plant beetroot.

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Did you know?

Spinach is rich in iron, calcium and vitamins A and C but is also high in oxalic acid, which is thought to prevent the absorption of iron – so don’t go eating it like Popeye!

Still going strong

This month marks five years of Cultivated News. Five years of Tod’s burning questions, gardening guides, what to grow this month and other planting stories.

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Happy gardening

Henri Ham
Awapuni Nurseries

Stand by your snapdragon

There’s not much to planting Madam Butterfly antirrhinums, otherwise known as snapdragons. They come in a range of colours, grow to around 75cm high and will flower in about six to eight weeks from planting.

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Simply sensational spinach

I love spinach. I love how you can simply pick the leaves off the plant as they reach the size you desire. I also love the taste. Our family always add this tasty annual to our evening meals – from bacon and egg pie, to quiches to good old chilli con carne. And now is just the right time to plant to ensure the vege garden is stocked up with this tasty annual for the next few months.

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Making use of odds and ends

This is the perfect dish for using up any leftover, soon to go rotten, veges you have lying around. I like to use potato as the base but you can use flaky puff pastry instead if you want. Peel and thinly slice three to four large potatoes. I like to fry them with a little bit of oil, salt and pepper, some mixed herbs and garlic. But if you want, you could boil the potatoes instead and then thinly slice them.

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March house and garden events

Step inside the pages of NZ House & Garden for a great cause, as homes in Auckland, Kapiti Coast, Canterbury and Queenstown Lakes open their doors for the NZ House & Garden Tours during March in support of charities Cancer Society of New Zealand and Look Good Feel Better. For more information on ticket sales and the houses on show visit the NZ House & Garden site.

Why tie onions in a knot?

Last month we recommended tying the top of your onions in a knot while you wait for them to reach maturity. Phillip wrote in and asked us why. Good question Phillip! Tying the top of onions in a knot stops them from going to seed and also makes the garden look a little bit tidier!

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