November 2012

Chill out this summer

This idea isn’t strictly garden related, but we thought it was pretty cool and worth sharing with our readers. To find out how to create your very own bottle cooler picnic table check out this website.
Shades of colour

Got a shady spot in your garden just calling out for some colour? Try planting impatiens. They grow well in shady areas and come in a range of colours. For tips on how to grow click here.

Garden & ArtFest , 1-11 November, Bay of Plenty

Wildflower Sculpture Exhibition , 7-11 November, Hawke’s Bay

November is a
good time to...

Mulch to control your weeds, fertilise and sow the last of your grass seed. Most importantly, plant all your favourite veges because now’s the time to plant just about anything!
Burning question

I’ve put in new seedlings and they’ve all disappeared over night. What’s going on?

f you've ruled out slugs and snails, chances are you have a sparrow problem. Grab some bird netting from your local garden centre and cover your plants.

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Gardening groups welcome

Hopefully your spring planting is well under way by now. And, if not, as you’ll see further on in the newsletter, you’ve still got time - November is the time to plant just about anything.

One lucky Awapuni customer will certainly be busy in the garden in the next few weeks. Paul from Wellington was randomly drawn from all our customers who purchased online during October and has won a $150 prize pack full of fantastic gardening products from Tui and, of course, Awapuni seedlings. Congratulations Paul.

The picture to the right is of the Palmerston North Esplanade gardening group who came to visit the nursery. We’re showing them the insulated and refrigerated containers we use to germinate our seedlings. If you’ve got a group that would like to visit the nursery flick Jo an email and she will book a time.

Have a great month and happy gardening.

Henri Ham
Awapuni Nurseries

Go crazy for corn

Sweet corn is a fun and handy staple vegetable to have in the garden. It can be eaten straight from the cob – great for encouraging kids to eat more veges – made into fritters, added to salads, and much, much more. And, did I mention, now’s the time to plant it?

Grab some Awapuni Nurseries sweet corn seedlings next time you’re down at your local supermarket, Bunnings, or The Warehouse. Alternatively, head to our online store and have them delivered direct to your door. For a family of around four people you’ll need around 20 plants or two bundles.

Now you need to find somewhere to plant them. Corn likes sunny and free-draining conditions. It will also need a bit of space to grow.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot dig a little hole and plant your seedlings around 20cm apart from each other. I like to plant mine in rows or in a group so each plant can support another, as they grow taller.

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Pump up the colour with Petunias

For a quick shot of colour in your garden you can’t go past petunias. Pink, red, blue and more – you can even get duo colour petunias. Not sure how to choose? Try a mixed bundle and wait for the surprise when they start to flower.

All you need to plant petunias is a sunny, free-draining spot in your garden. Running tight on space? Try growing these pretty plants in pots.

You can grab your Awapuni Nurseries petunia seedlings from your local supermarket, Bunnings or the Warehouse. Alternatively, head to our online store and have them delivered direct to your door. At the time of writing this article we had over 20 different types of petunia available for purchase online! And remember, if you order six or more items to a non-rural address delivery is free. Or pay just $4 to deliver to a rural property.

Planting is a simple. Simply dig a little hole and plant. It’s a good idea to space each seedling around 20cm apart to allow them room to grow.

You do have to watch out for snails. And, if you’ve planted them in a sheltered spot, like under the eve of a house, keep an eye out for aphids too. You can be pretty sure you’ve got aphids if they stop flowering earlier than you would expect.

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