October 2012

Leafy fun for littlies

Got some rug rats at home? This tried and true activity will keep little ones entertained and create some artistic masterpieces!

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Handy herbs

Keep your herbs handy by planting them in bottles. Check out this step-by-step guide for instructions on how to ‘bottle’ your seedlings.

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Powerco Taranaki Garden Spectacular , 25th anniversary – 26 Nov to 4 Oct

Spring super-sleuth discovery trail - (perfect for kids aged 4 to 10), Christchurch Botanic Gardens - 29 Sept to 14 Oct
October is a
good time to...

Water, feed, spray and weed. As the weather warms up your garden will start to kick into action. So now’s a good time to plant summer veges and herbs like carrots, beans, peas, lettuce, courgettes and basil.

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Check out this simple recipe for tips on how to make sweet-smelling soap with your newly planted thyme.

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Win with Awapuni during October

If you haven’t already I bet you’re starting to think about what new seedlings you can plant in your garden. October’s the time of the year when you can grow just about anything. Because we know Kiwis up and down the country will be heading out to get their summer vege, herb and flower seedlings in the next few weeks – we’ve decided to reward one lucky Awapuni customer. All you have to do to be in with a chance to win is make a purchase from our online store during October. The lucky, randomly drawn, winner will receive a $150 prize pack full of fantastic gardening products from our friends at Tui and, of course, a great selection of Awapuni seedlings. We’ll announce the winner in our next newsletter. Speaking of getting gardening, we’ve had lots of customers asking when our basil will be ready for sale. I can happily announce that our basil hit the shelves this week.

Have a great month and happy gardening.

Henri Ham
Awapuni Nurseries

Burning question...

I’ve got aphids on my new rose buds. What should I do?

Try our organic citrus spray, or hose them off with a strong stream of water and spray the plant with Neem. Alternatively, try planting marigolds next to your roses – their natural scent repels aphids. Or sprinkle breadcrumbs around the roses for the birds to eat. While they’re snacking they’ll eat the aphids too.

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Time to plant thyme

In my humble opinion, thyme is a must have for any herb garden. According to that most reliable source of information – the World Wide Web – the general rule of using herbs in cooking is – if in doubt use thyme. So if there’s one herb every edible garden needs, it’s this one.

Already got a patch of this hardy perennial at your back door? Well, have you tried pizza thyme or lemon thyme, or one of the other 100 different species? Or why not grow the low-growing carpet variety amongst bricks or crazy paving for a scented, soft path you can walk over.

Now I’ve convinced you to plant thyme, all you need to do is pop down to your local supermarket, Bunnings, or the Warehouse to grab some seedlings. Alternatively, head to our online store.
We sell thyme in both our Traditional Value and Pop’n’Grow ranges. Both seedling ranges are grown with strong individual root systems. But Pop’n’Grow seedlings are perfect for beginners and kids, because they’re packaged in strong biodegradable pots that protect the roots, making them guaranteed to grow.

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Create a country cottage feel with Cosmos

I’m going to put myself on the line and say cosmos are one of the easiest plants you can possibly grow. They don’t attract aphids. They don’t catch diseases and they’ll grow in just about any weather conditions.

Got a spot in your garden that’s hot, sunny and dry. Ship in some cosmos. Where other plants will wilt and fade, these colourful plants will thrive.

Not only are they easy to grow, they’re a thrifty plant too! Cosmos are annuals, which means they germinate, flower and die within a season or a year. But then they seed down and pop up again each following year. So, if you’re on a budget they’re the plant that just keeps on giving.

Do you like perfect lines, symmetry and neutral shades in your garden? Then look away. Cosmos are the perfect plant for creating a wild, colourful country cottage feel in your backyard.

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