September 2012

Growing graffiti

Looking for a project to do with your kids? Why not mix a bit of science, gardening and some cool factor by growing graffiti. We haven't tried this, but reckon it looks like a lot of fun. Let us know if you've had a go - and even better, send us some pics. Click here for some instructions or try searching on Google or YouTube for alternate guides.
Burning question...

The onions I planted at the end of June still haven’t appeared. What’s happened to them?

Onions take a really long time to mature – around four months. Give them some time, and they should appear.

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Just Gardening, Kumeu - Saturday 22 Sept

Wellington Home and Garden show - Friday 21 Sept to Sun 23 Sept

9th World Daffodil Convention, Dunedin - Sept 28 to 30th
September is a
good time to...

Make your own compost. Add colour to your garden with larkspur, livingstone daisies, lobelia, marigolds and petunias. Protect zucchini, capsicum and tomato seedlings from frost. And mulch!

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Keep the mini people in your household busy by planting scarlet runners and dwarf beans. Scarlet runners need a bean frame. But dwarf beans grow over the ground and are super easy to plant. Both can be eaten directly from the garden.

Working to the max

Spring has arrived! 1 September marks the first official day of the season of lambs and, more importantly, flowers.

The weather is getting warmer, and I bet, if you haven't already, you're thinking about what to plant in your herb, vege or flower garden.

In preparation for the next few months when Kiwis up and down the country don gardening gloves and pick up trowels, we've been working to our max.

Our germination chambers are at full capacity (see the pic above). Every last square metre of our greenhouse is packed with germinating seedlings.

And every week we’re producing over 500,000 zucchini, basil, petunia and many, many more seedlings for you to plant during spring.

Enjoy the season for gardening.

Happy gardening

Henri Ham
Awapuni Nurseries

Sweet smelling sweet peas

My wife loves to receive flowers. I’m sure many women, and many a man, do too. They brighten up a home, add colour and look pretty. But regularly purchasing flowers is a luxury not everyone can afford. That’s why I’m a big fan of planting your own.

Grow your own cut flowers and you’ve always got fresh blooms on tap. And not much is easier to plant, or looks as good in the garden or a vase, as sweet peas. Even better, purchase the fragrant variety and you’ll have your house smelling sweetly too.

Sweet peas can be grown from seeds. But I prefer to plant seedlings. Getting seeds to flowering stage can be a bit hit and miss. When you purchase Awapuni Nurseries seedlings all the hard work of getting the seeds to germinate and grow into established seedlings has already been taken care of. This means they’re pretty much guaranteed to grow, and they’ll develop faster – resulting in earlier flowers.

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Cultivate Chinese cabbages

Pak choy, bok choy or pak choi. There are plenty of different names used for Chinese cabbage. But whatever you like to call it, pak choi is a staple every vege garden needs. These stalky greens contain antioxidants and vitamins C and A and, more importantly, taste fantastic in stir-frys!

At Awapuni Nurseries we sell pak choi in both our Traditional Value and Pop'n'Grow varieties.

Pop’n’Grow and Traditional Value seedlings are both grown with strong individual root systems. But Pop’n’Grow seedlings are perfect for beginners and kids, because they’re packaged in strong biodegradable pots that protect the roots, making them guaranteed to grow. And, Traditional Value seedlings are perfect for the budget-conscious gardener because the seedlings are wrapped in recycled newspaper, so the value is in the plants and not the packaging.

Simply pop down to your local supermarket, Bunnings, or the Warehouse and grab a Pop’n’Grow pot or Traditional Value bundle today. Alternatively, head to our online plant shop and get the plants delivered right to your door.

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Sensational silver beet

Got lots of silver beet? Add it to cooked potatoes in a hot frying pan. Add two beaten eggs and scatter sliced ham over to make a tasty frittata.

Mellow yellow

Last month we asked you if your limes turn yellow when they ripen. Thanks to everyone who responded. From Northland to Canterbury you said yes they do.

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