November 2016

Burning question

Can I plant my tomatoes in the same spot I grew them last year?

As long as last year’s crop was healthy (with no disease) it’s fine to plant them in the same place. Regardless of where you plant, it’s a good idea to dig in some compost and fertiliser to give them a kick start. And, if you do get disease I recommend planting in a new location for a couple of years.

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Swan plants

Monarch butterflies are a lovely addition to any garden. Children love them and observing them is a great way of learning about life cycles. And the best way to attract and feed monarchs is by growing a swan plant. Plant your swan plant in full sun in a corner of the garden. Remember to wait two to three weeks for the plant to get established and any residual spray to disappear before putting any caterpillars on it. Once you’ve got some caterpillars try to limit it to 2-3 per plant. Too many caterpillars will eat the whole plant!

For more information on monarch butterflies in New Zealand check out the Monarch Butterfly New Zealand Trust and to get your swan plant seedlings visit our online shop.

Cooking with artichokes

For those of you who haven’t had much experience (if any) with artichokes before, you might like to take a look at this article from BBC good food, which includes a beginners guide to cooking this tricky looking plant. If you have a go-to artichoke recipe you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you. Email us here.

No sun, no problem

At this time of year we tend to promote plants that thrive in the sun (see Livingstone daisies further on). But not every garden is a hot spot – even in summer. And that’s where impatiens come in. They love shady (part or full) conditions. They’re great for bedding, hanging baskets, edges, pots and just about anywhere in your garden with a bit of shade. We have several different coloured impatiens available at Awapuni. Orange, red, white and our sunrise mixed bundle. Click here to visit our shop and see what’s available.

November is a good time to...

Keep planting! Now’s a great time to grow just about any vegetable and herb but especially tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, capsicum/chilli and eggplant. Plant no fuss, sun-loving colour like impatiens, gazania and livingstone daisies. Remember to mulch. Watch out for aphids. And sow the last lot of grass seed to thicken up your lawn.

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Fresh flowers and aphids

Thanks to everyone who submitted their tips for keeping flowers in a vase fresh. Marilyn is this month’s Readers Tip winner. She said she keeps the water topped up, removes dead flowers and adds ¼ tsp sugar to about 100mls. This month we’d love to know your tips for getting rid of, or keeping at bay, aphids. Email your suggestions here. We’ll select our favourite tip and the sender of the tip will receive six bundles of Awapuni plants.

Family business

Our family has been growing plants for over 50 years since my parents began Awapuni Nurseries in the 60s. As you’ve probably already noticed, growing and family are two big themes in my life (that and go-karting!). Some of you may know that it was through this interest in growing that our family established Alpha Domus winery in the Hawke’s Bay in the early 1990s. Awapuni Henri and Paul

Awapuni Henri and Paul
In fact, Alpha is a combination of the first initial from my name (Henrikus), my Dad’s (Anthonius) my Mum's (Leonarda) and two brothers (Paulus and Anthonius). Good strong Dutch names! And Domus is Latin for house. Both Awapuni and Alpha Domus are still owned by our family. But I run Awapuni and Paul runs Alpha Domus.

To celebrate all things family and growing, Alpha Domus and Awapuni are offering a deal to all Awapuni customers. And we’re giving away one fantastic Alpha Domus gardening prize pack. Details for both the giveaway and deal are included further down in the newsletter.

We hope you had some quality family and growing time over Labour weekend.

Happy gardening

Henri Ham

Holiday with Livingstone daisies

Viscaria Angel RoseIf you’re after some no fuss colour for your garden this summer, look no further than livingstone daisies. This brightly coloured plant is the perfect flower to grow over the warmer months – particularly if you’re going away at all. No need to set sprinklers to timer for Livingstone daisies. It thrives in dry, sunny and windy conditions.

In fact, the only weather element you really need to worry about when growing Livingstone daisies is whether there’s any chance of frost. Once you’re past the chance of frost, these pretty daisies will flower almost all year. They are also fantastic for growing in borders and creating mass displays of colour due to the succulent, spreading nature of the plant.

You can order Livingstone daisies online. Or throw an Awapuni Nurseries newspaper wrapped bundle in your trolley next time you’re at your local supermarket, Bunnings or The Warehouse.

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The art to growing artichokes

If you ask me, globe artichokes can be a little intimidating. Visually, they’re statuesque and striking. And, while they have a reputation as a culinary delicacy, to the novice it can be hard to tell how they should be eaten at all.

But despite all of this, artichokes are actually a very easy plant to grow. Possibly that’s to make up for the fact they do require a bit of work to cook... and eat!

So, if you’ve ever wondered about growing artichokes I can tell you, wonder no more – just get planting! Grab your artichoke seedlings from our online store or head to your local supermarket, Bunnings, or The Warehouse.

Because artichokes (not to be confused with Jerusalem artichoke, which are nothing at all like globe artichokes) are not particular about where they grow, you can choose anywhere in the vegetable garden to plant. Alternatively, why not use that intimidating visual appearance to your advantage and plant them with your flowers. I suggest growing them in the background as they can reach around 2m tall.

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Some like it hot!

It’s pepper planting time. This season we have a couple of different options for you. If you’re a fan of the traditional bell pepper, we have a green capsicum and a mixed colour capsicum bundle available. If you like things a little hotter, you can purchase our Jalapeno chilli, which produces a solid green pepper that is hot and zesty and tastes excellent fresh or pickled. Alternatively, try our Red Hot Pepper chilli, which, as the name suggests, produces a hot red fruit. Lastly, this year we’re also excited to have the Habanero Red chilli available to buy. It produces a brilliant red fruit with an intense fiery heat. In fact, it previously held the record for the hottest chilli known by the Guiness Book of Records. Try it if you dare!  


Alpha Domus wine deal

We are pleased to be able to offer Awapuni customers a fantastic deal on four Alpha Domus wines.

Plus if you order 12 or more bottles Alpha Domus will deliver for FREE. And for every 12 bottles you order Alpha Domus will include a FREE bottle of Leonarda Late Harvest Semillon – a dessert wine that is perfect for enjoying with Christmas treats. Visit the Alpha Domus website to take advantage of these special deals. And feel free to tell your friends and family about the deal as they will not see it anywhere else – only Awapuni customers are being let in on the secret.

These special discounts will be available to purchase until Monday 14 November or until stock runs out. Expect delivery in two working days or three working days for rural addresses.

FREE nursery tours

Viscaria Angel Rose Back by popular demand – take a tour of Awapuni Nurseries. For the third year in a row we’ll be running tours of the nursery in the lead up to Christmas. Pencil in your calendar either Wednesday 30th of November, or the 7th or 14th of December for a visit to Awapuni.

Everyone who attends will receive a free bundle of seedlings, the chance to win more seedlings and of course our regular nursery deals such as $1 potted colour plants and three bundles for $10. Tours are free and start at 10am.

Visit here for more information. And please let Jo know whether you’re planning to attend by flicking her an email or phoning on 06 354 8828.

Be into WIN Alpha Domus gardening pack

We are very excited to have a fantastic Awapuni Nurseries and Alpha Domus gardening prize pack to give away. One lucky winner will receive an Alpha Domus half wine barrel, enough potting mix to fill it and six Awapuni plant bundles. Alpha Domus imports the wine barrels from France at a cost of $1,600 each. They are used for three years to create an oak influence on the wine and then they’re used for wine storage and maturation.

DrumFollowing that they are generally purchased by gardeners (we sell them at Awapuni) to create a beautiful mini-garden. To be in with a chance to win this great gardening prize pack head to our Facebook page. The competition is open until 5pm Sunday 13 November.


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