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To celebrate the arrival of warmer weather, every order placed in November will receive one free bundle of cherry tomatoes/basil combo, containing 3 plants.
We’ll also throw in an information sheet on how to enjoy an abundance of cherry tomatoes and basil.
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Flowers have
feelings too
Research carried out in Russia has apparently suggested that plants do, in fact, have some form of emotions. This concept is met with frank incredulity by mainstream scientists and thinkers who believe that emotions require a central nervous system made up of nerves and a brain.
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Delphinium FlowersFrom ordinary to extraordinary:
Your garden transformed
for summer

Is your garden looking a little bit ordinary? Maybe it’s lacking a little pizzazz in the lead-up to summer.
Awapuni gardening guru, Tod Palenski’s top tip for adding drama is to plant towering delphiniums to transform your garden from ordinary to extraordinary.
Growing to around 180cm tall, their regal colours and elegant stature create a real element of surprise that will give your garden a dramatic lift.
“The eye is drawn to irregularity so tall plants like majestic delphiniums help draw the eye upwards and provide great contrast in borders,” Tod says.
With dense leaves at ground level and spikes of flowers ranging from traditional blues through to lilac, pink, yellow and white, delphiniums are among the easiest plants to grow.
“Delphiniums flower from late spring to late autumn and, because they are hardy perennials, they will flower again year after year.”
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Just ask!

Tod PalenskiWith over 20 years’ gardening and landscaping experience, Awapuni’s gardening guru Tod Palenski has given a lot of advice.
Website visitors and ezine readers often send in their questions and Tod’s more than happy to answer them. Here are some questions he’s received recently:
Q: Why do my cauliflowers go to seed?
A: Most brassicas go to seed when there is a change in weather conditions. So plant them for the longest season possible, either late spring or, for best results, late autumn.
Q: Why do my pansies always go ‘leggy’?
A: Pansies go leggy when there is not enough sun light. Move them to a sunny spot and plant primulas, snapdragons or wallflowers in their place.
Q: What is the best time of year to transplant our 5 metre rimu tree?
A: It can be dangerous to move a tree that size as you can damage the fibrous roots and ultimately kill the tree. My advice would be to get a horticultural specialist in. Evergreens are generally harder to move, but the best time would be the middle of winter when the tree is dormant.

If you have a question for Tod, visit our website and ask away!

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