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As winters arrives, you’ll start to notice that your garden may not look so “lively “. June is the time where you see the bare bones of your garden so, it’s the perfect opportunity to start pruning your trees and roses, prepping new sites for your spring orchard and focusing on the vege and strawberry patch.
General garden tidy up:
  • Turn over soil and prep for new vege
  • Clean those garden tools. They no doubt got a bit of work during the beautiful summer we had. Clean them with soapy water and oil them with some vegetable oil to prevent rust.
  • Mulch, mulch, mulch! Rake up those autumn leaves, pine needles and comfrey leaves – mix. See more info below
  • Get your soil ready for garlic planting
  • Prep your soil for your strawberries
  • Replace the potting mix in your hanging baskets and prep them for winter flowering plants
  • Prune deciduous fruit trees
Flower garden:
You can still have colour in your garden during winter! Flowers such as polyanthusprimulaspansies and geraniums are all great winter flowers – these are all hardy annuals. 
If you’re planting tulips, get them out of the fridge and into the ground as soon as possible so that they start flowering during springtime. If you have any plants that are not frost-resistant, move them into a greenhouse or cover them up with frost protection.
For your roses, prune in later winter if possible. Pruning encourages new growth, and if you prune too soon can be damaged by frost.  If you’re not sure, the NZ Rose society puts great free demonstrations each year throughout the country, on how to prune. Check their website for dates. Before you do start your pruning, spray your roses with lime sulphur. This helps clear disease (rust, scale, black spot) and sends the rose into a dormant state. If you have any rose leaves lying around pick them up,  but don’t add them to your compost pile, as they can spread diseases. For your hydrangeas - just give them a quick prune and don’t cut them back too hard. Pruning these will keep the bush compact. Keep only the healthy stems and remove any older stems at the base.
Edible garden:
It’s also strawberry planting time to ensure your summer supply. If you’re planting new seedlings, remember that they will be most productive in their second year. If you’re already got established strawberry plants, give them a tidy up. Divide your plants, and remove the runners. You do this by keeping the newly grown plants off the runners (the little stems running off that go on to make new plants) closest to your main clump. Remove the other runners and their new plants, and dispose of them or transplant them on to new places in your garden. Strawberries are super easy to grow and we think a must have in any garden. 
Hello garlic season! Yup June is garlic planting time. Our garlic seedlings are roughly 15cm high and have been grown from our own garlic crop from the previous season. We shell and plant them by hand too! 
Traditionally garlic is planted on the 21st of June which is the shortest day of the year but you can plant them any time from now until late July. Garlic needs the cold for the bulb to develop properly. We also recommend giving them some Tui organic seaweed to encourage larger bulbs. Apply this every couple of weeks throughout the growing season. 
While June is a very exciting month as it’s strawberry and garlic time, don’t forget to plant those immunity booster veges like silverbeetkale and spinach. Of course, plant your brassicas, carrots, celery. If you’re after a quick sprouting broccoli, try planting broccolini it has a shorter harvest period compared to broccoli and its delicious in stir fries or just a snack on its own. Now is also the perfect time to plant parsnip, we don’t sell parsnip seedlings but we’ve put together a planting guide for those who would like to give it a go, check it out here


Mulch, mulch, mulch! Rake up those autumn leaves, pine needles and comfrey leaves – mix them all together and scatter them around your flowers and vege garden to retain moisture and suppress weeds. See there’s loads to do in your garden during winter! Don’t let the cold weather stop you.

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