With spring just around the corner there is plenty to keep us busy within the garden right now.


It’s now time to plant your brassicas. (broccoli , cabbage, cauliflower etc). We also sell mixed vege bundles that have a few of each of these products. When planting work in plenty of compost. Think about staggering your planting (adding some new seedlings every three – four weeks to ensure a long and plentiful crop.)

Plant beetroot, broad beans, lettucesilverbeetpeaschilli and rhubarb . Add general fertiliser and some mulch to give the soil a lift. 

Prepare the rest of your soil for spring gardening. If you planted a cover crop like lupin turn this over into the soil.

If you haven’t already get your strawberry plants in. How about adding some strawberries to a hanging basket? In our house we have five to six plants per person to ensure  generous serving.

Prune the last of your roses. Also check for aphids and spray new growth with Yates super shield to control insects, mites and disease.

New roses can also be planted now. They like compost rich, well-drained soil. Add fertiliser fortnightly to ensure their success.

Plant any new fruit trees now too. Fertilise all your trees by spreading it underneath the drip line. But be careful – fertiliser touching the trunk can burn the stem so don’t go too close.

It’s time to turn your compost over. Compost can take around three months over winter to complete. If it needs a hurry up turn it more often. You’ll know it’s ready when it looks like potting mix.

Check how your grass is looking. Does it need revamping with some added fertiliser and grass seed? First rake up old leaves and other debris such as fallen camelia flowers. Fertiliser high in nitrogen will help prepare for new growth.

If moss is a problem after a damp winter add some sulphate of iron to kill the moss. Grass seed will have more success when the soil temperature has started to rise. Check out Tui’s lawn growing guide for some more tips.

Keep on top of your weeding. Weeding now will be a lot less work than weeding when they’ve take off with spring growth. I take the little and often approach when it comes to weeding the garden and the lawn. There is an old saying “one year’s seeds makes seven years weeds”. So attacking the weeds before they go to seed really helps.

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